IXpand flash drive Go Review: Extend your iPhone space quickly and easily

Every time you decide to buy a new iPhone, you have to solve not only the color and model, but also the capacity of the internal memory you choose. Unlike many third-party phones, Apple does not offer the option of expanding internal memory with memory cards. Overall, there are not many ways to expand iPhone memory. But one of them is offered by Sandisk, which offers iXpand flash drive Go – a special flash drive that you can connect to both iPhone and classic computer. With the help of a special application, you can access from your phone all the data on the flash and you can also store other data on it. Let's see how this tweak works in practice and whether it pays off.

iXpand flash drive Go is in principle a very simple device. While on the one hand you will find the Lightning connector to connect it to your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, on the other hand you will find USB 3.0, which connects to your computer. In practice, you use the disc either by uploading data such as movies, music, photos or e-books to your computer, and then you connect the flash to your iOS device to view the just mentioned iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Alternatively, you can drag and drop items that take up space on your phone and store them on the iXpand flash drive Go.

These files are on your disk and free space on iPhone. If you don't mind having the drive connected all the time, you can also use it as a memory where you can directly store the photos you take or the music you download and so on. If you have a Windows computer for some special reason and you cannot use AirDrop, iXpand Go is the easiest way to transfer data between your computer and iPhone. If you come to a friend who has a computer other than Mac, then after you regret it, you pull out iXpand Go and easily transfer files from your phone directly to his computer and vice versa.


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The body of the flash drive itself is aluminum, and it is surrounded by a rotating rubber cover, which allows you to attach the flash drive to a bunch of keys or wherever you can think. The cover includes a loop for attaching, and it can also hide the Lightning connector to protect it from damage. On one side of the flash you will find the Lightning connector, while on the other is the USB 3.0. Overall, iXpand Go is a very durable solution to expand the memory of your iPhone, iPod or iPad. The body is by its construction and processing very durable and flash drive not only looks at first sight solid and quality impression. In terms of size, it is the same as a regular flash drive. In normal use, you definitely do not have to worry about your data and any occasional fall or impact should not be a problem. However, it is based only on the quality of workmanship and construction, officially the disc has no sign of resistance to impact.

While iXpand appears on your computer as a classic flash, in the case of iPhone, you need to install the special SanDisk iXpand Drive application, which is available for iOS 9.2 and later. So you can use iXpand Drive on truly old iPhones that have support for iOS 9. We tested iPhone 11 Pro with 256GB capacity and iOS 13.1.3, the latest iOS version available to the public at the time of writing .

Working with the application is in principle very simple. As soon as you download it to your iPhone and plug it into a flash drive, a connection notification pops up immediately, asking if you want to open the application directly. Once you do so and allow the app to access the required parts of iOS, you can get the most out of iXpand. Its elementary use is probably transferring files from iPhone to a computer and vice versa. It is important to note that while copying from iPhone to iXpand, you can simply transfer photos and videos and the rest of the files can be transferred to iXpand via the Files application, in the opposite direction you transfer more or less anything – even text files and similar things will then appear again in the Files app. Transferring photos or videos from your iPhone to iXpand makes everything simple. Just select the Copy files option and then choose the first option, Copy photos from your iPhone, which will transfer both photos and videos to the flash. Once you have done this, the app will offer you the option to delete the transferred file on your iPhone when the transfer is complete, which will be especially appreciated by those of you who will move these things to save space quickly and easily. Everything is really reliable and fast. While it takes a few seconds longer than you might expect to load your photo gallery for the first time, it's not really terrible. In the case of transferring another type of files, they can then be sent to iXpand via the File Interface, in which case you can even create a folder directly on the flash drive and save the files there. You can then view them on your computer.

If you want to transfer files in the opposite direction – from the flash drive to the iPhone – you choose Copy files from iXpand when copying. You can instantly see all the files or folders on the drive in the application, so you can just select the one you want. If it is a photo or video, this type of file will be copied directly to Photos on your iPhone to others. As soon as you transfer any other file type, it will appear in the native Files application, specifically in the In My iPhone folder, where you will find the iXpand Drive subfolder. If you would like to stream music like this, it will be here, not in the native Music app. However, you do not only have to use iXpand to transfer files, but also to browse them through the View Files option. Everything works instantly even in this case, even with larger files. The application has no problem with reading virtually nothing – whether you want to browse photos, videos, movies, music or text documents, you can do everything without a problem.


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The penultimate feature of iXpand is the ability to easily back up files from your iPhone to it. You have a total of three backup options to choose from – Back up and restore your photo library, Back up social networks, or Back up and restore contacts and calendars. As the names of the options suggest, they will be backed up on these parts of your phone (for social networks, for example, photos and videos), and you can upload this back up to your phone if necessary. As far as backup time is concerned, it depends on how much data is needed to be “insured”. Fortunately, everything goes fast – at least if you store everything directly on the phone. If you would like to back up photos that you save on iCloud and then only display their backups on your phone, it is necessary to expect that the process will take longer, as the original photo is first downloaded from iCloud to the phone and only from it iXpandu. In this case, count on about eight to ten seconds of transfer per photo. So pleasing is at least the fact that the backups are running "stable" and you do not have to worry that you would for example in the middle of your application fell. This has not happened to us during the time of testing on the public version of iOS.

As the last interesting feature I have to mention the possibility to shoot directly on iXpand. This is done very easily again directly through the application, which has a camera icon in the upper left corner. Once you select it, the classic Camera app opens and you can start taking photos or making videos. All such captured content is reliably captured directly on iXpand, from which you can, of course, copy it back to the iPhone if you have enough space for these files. However, I think that this is a possibility for users who do not have space, and therefore nobody will use back copying much.

Personally, I found the most use when watching movies and moving data from iPhone to a computer and vice versa. These are options that even an iPhone with unlimited memory capacity would not allow. In addition, if you run out of space on your phone, you will of course find an application to store photos, music and other files. The fact that you can download a movie on your computer, then save it on iXpand Go and then play it on iPhone is simply priceless. So if you are short of space or want to be able to play files from your computer on iPhone as quickly and easily as possible, then iXpand is definitely an interesting solution. In addition, during my testing, I did not encounter any chopping while playing content or having to wait a long time for something to be stored on the disc. In short, the iXpand flash drive GO offers exactly what you expect from it, plus a durable and design-friendly body. iXpand Go is available in sizes of 128GB and 256GB.

You can buy iXpand flash drive Go right here.

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