Jumbo: Version 2 brings numerous innovations

The Jumbo privacy app was already mentioned in the blog. This is available for users of an Android or iOS device, browses various services such as Facebook and Twitter to ultimately provide you with advice on data protection settings.

With version 2, Jumbo publishes an extensive update, which also includes a German language option. Since Jumbo still does not want to make any money from advertising or data, two fee-based options are introduced: Jumbo Plus and Jumbo Pro, which are intended to flush some money into the coffers. Currently, $ 8 million of investments from a new round of financing are keeping them afloat.

Here, however, you only rely on price recommendations. You can decide for yourself what the support for data protection and the protection of your privacy is ultimately worth to you. Even those who are short on cash (students, job seekers, etc.) should not have to travel without premium features and can contact support.

Jumbo Plus users should be able to use the new addition Instagram:

Jumbo can archive old posts, which can limit your digital footprint. This effectively reduces the information that is used to control advertisements for you. Jumbo also ensures that you can easily control who can see and share your content.

If you buy a pro subscription, you can have Jumbo check the more than 20 LinkedIn privacy settings. Pro subscribers also benefit from the new tracking protection: According to their own statements, they want to block 400 of the most important trackers, which the smartphone transmits to third parties in terms of data and personal information.

In addition to visited websites or apps, the trackers also include information about how often specific apps are used, but also information about the location or battery level. These trackers are supposed to be blocked with Jumbo Pro in order to minimize the digital footprint. Jumbo also wants to do something to monitor violations of data protection. And yes, it can go faster than you sometimes think – thanks to MasterCard Priceless Specials!

Here you switch to Spycloud as a warning system. Data leaks should thus be updated faster than before. In addition, there is now information about which specific data was lost. In addition, mail addresses are only kept as a hash for checking data leaks.

Anyone who signs up for a Jumbo Pro subscription should benefit again here: Spycloud will also search the dark web for lost credit card and ID card data. Last but not least, the app interface has also been redesigned, although most of the Jumbo services do their work in the background:

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