Kalamata is (officially) the first 5G city in Greece

Kalamata is (officially) the first 5G city in Greece


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At a press conference , jointly organized by the Municipality of Kalamata and the Wind and held at the Kalamatan People’s Library, 1945 benefits of 5G wireless telecommunications (5G), among others it was pointed out that Wind’s pilot network covers the Central Square – Vasileos Georgiou, the historic Town Hall, the Municipal Cultural Center, the Kalamata Dance Hall and more. 5G


George Tsaprounis, Senior Manager of Wind Partnerships, noted, among other things, that “Kalamata had become a digital model city because when in May 2017 the first new fiber optic pilot network was launched from here at a very high rate nationwide, you understand how important the first test step was to go well. ”


Mr Tsaprounis emphasized that “nothing would have happened if there was no support from the Municipal Authority and Mayor Nika, who really believed in technology, believed that the digital age could change the lives of the citizens for the better. , our economy, our daily lives and make Kalamata a city – a digital model. ” He added that Kalamata “is the first city in Greece to test the 5th generation technology in real terms”, announcing that it is one of the few European cities where 5G infrastructure exists. 5G


Mayor of Kalamata and elected Peloponnese Regional Governor Panagiotis E. Nikas expressed his pride “in the fact that state-of-the-art technology, 5th generation (5G) infrastructures originate in Greece. Kalamata becomes the first Greek digital city, Kalamata achieves European Union goals for 2020 and this is another priority among others, because it is not the only one. We are the city of green with the WWF seal, we are the first city to recycle in Greece, we are the first city to use geothermal for public buildings.


I would like to thank this post first of all the Ministry of Digital Policy and the former Minister, for choosing the city of Kalamata for this very big step along with the Municipality of Zografos and the Municipality of Trikkai, Trikala. This is very important to us.


New technology, state-of-the-art technology will help our city substantially, help it first of all in economic terms, assist our tourism businesses, help further economic growth, in a city that has proven that it is in the midst of the economic crisis and is one of the few cities in Greece that has made progress in the economic crisis. ” 5G



P. Nikas thanked Wind and its executives for their excellent co-operation with the Municipality during the period of the construction of the fiber optic infrastructure. He added that “there has been financial support – and I recognize publicly – of Wind for events and actions taking place in the city of Kalamata, with the International Dance Festival being the first and foremost, an open window of the city to Europe and the world.” The Mayor wished “always Kalamata to keep going forward, always to Kalamata to progress and lead”, while addressing the elected Mayor Thanassi Vassilopoulos expressed confidence that “in your time there will be more dear to us ». Addressing Mr Tsaprounis again, he expressed his warm thanks to his company “for the quickness, for the integrity, for responding to the social demands of our city”.


The Vice Mayor and Elected Mayor of Kalamata Thanasis Vassilopoulos , in his short address, stated: “It is really important for the city of Kalamata to be the first city in Greece to operate a 5G pilot network. from the Wind. Our city of Kalamata, a city of culture, sports, an environmentally conscious city, is now a pioneer in technological developments. ”



Mr. Vassilopoulos provided the assurance that “as a Municipal Authority we will make every effort to incorporate this technology into the functions of the Municipality for the benefit of the public. At the same time, we believe that it will provide additional opportunities, business opportunities, a way out for young people who have the knowledge and abilities to ‘exploit’ these electoral developments. We also need to design and work to create other actions, creating the right ‘ecosystems’, in order to integrate these developments into our region and reap the benefits. ”


According to Wind, tests conducted by company engineers in Kalamata with test devices 5G HUAWEI Mate 20X record impressive speeds in using data as they touch speeds fiber optic (> 1 Gbps download), that is, speeds higher than those of existing 4G networks.



Source: https://gr.gizchina.com/2019/07/13/i-kalamata-einai-episima-i-proti-5g-poli-stin-ellada/
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