Long-term tickets can finally be uploaded to the Lítačka application

To date, the PID Lítačka application has only been used as an application for purchasing short-term tickets. Now, however, the application allows users to have a coupon or long-term ticket on their smartphone. With exaggeration, we can say that there is absolutely no obligation to carry your wallet with you in Prague or Central Bohemia.


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This function was also confirmed by Václav Petržík from ICT Operator: “Tonight PID Lítačka was updated this night, when all users can use our mobile application as an identifier for long-term fare. This means that they no longer have to use their ticket card, but can only travel with a mobile phone. ”The option to load a long-term ticket into your mobile is now an alternative to the ticket card, credit card or In Karta card. The inspector checks the validity of the ticket with the QR code, which the passenger shows on his mobile phone.

Václav Petržík also explained how to use the application in this way: “First, it is necessary to download the PID Lítačka application, where you have to log in and transfer the coupon. This is very simple. All you need to do is set up your conversion while registering your ID. If the inspector checks you, it is sufficient to show the QR code that the inspector will load and display information about the coupon you have purchased. ”Another option is also to load the ticket through NFC. However, this technology must be available to the passenger and turned on at the time of the check. Then just place your smartphone with the display on the reader.

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  Pavel Vařenka 15 hrs ago 8

In the past it has sometimes happened that due to all kinds of technical imperfections the coupon could not be loaded. Petržík, however, assures passengers that the testing process was really long and there should be no problems. However, passengers will not be able to defend their valid coupon if their display is cracked or their phone is flat. If the battery is discharged, the passenger should transfer his coupon back to the ticket.

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