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LOVOO was launched in Germany in 2012 and now has over 60 million users. The app (Android | iOS) is available in a total of 15 languages ​​and is geared towards young people with an affinity for social media. The multiple award-winning app is well received and claims to find 350 million matches per year. In addition, 2.6 billion messages are sent annually via the app.

The concept of the app is simple and works in a similar way to other dating apps. The app shows the user via live radar profiles of people who are in the immediate vicinity. If you like the profile shown, you can give it a "Like". If the other person also gives such a like, a match occurs and the conversation can begin.

These are the advantages of the LOVOO dating app

For example, if you are about to move to another city, go on vacation or are not in your home town and want to get to know people there, you can also change your own location manually. In this way, contacts can be made in advance so that new cities don't get lonely and you can hope for insider tips from locals while on holiday.

In addition, there is the "Visits" function, which makes it possible to see who has already been on your own profile so as not to miss any chance.

The functions can all be used free of charge, upgrades can be purchased for a fee if required, but can also be activated through various actions in the app.

In Germany alone, over 20 million people are registered with LOVOO, with a relatively good gender distribution. Currently, 63 percent of users are men and 37 percent are women. The app is also very popular in Austria, Switzerland, Great Britain, France, Spain and Italy, which also increases the chance of potential matches.

The app is available in a total of 15 languages

The app is available in a total of 15 languages


Conclusion on the LOVOO introductory app

Especially during the current pandemic, the loneliness rate has exploded in Germany. Apps like LOVOO can help single people get to know people despite all the precautionary measures. With the “Match” system, overlapping interests can be guaranteed and users can filter from the outset who suits them and who doesn't.

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