Map of districts in the Czech Republic: How to easily find out where you will be able to move in the lockdown

In the next few weeks, the map of the districts of the Czech Republic will be the only place where we will be able to "travel" due to the coronavirus pandemic and the restrictions associated with it. A little while ago, the government of the Czech Republic decided from Monday to restrict the movement of inhabitants to the cadastre of the district in which they live. If it is not so clear to you what territory you will actually be able to move in, we will shed light on it in the following lines.

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Roman Zavřel March 11, 2020 4

Map of districts of the Czech Republic

If you want to see the boundaries of the district in which you live, so that you can easily find out where you can move freely for the time being, then this is not difficult. You can ideally use one of the two applications – Google Maps or In both cases, the procedure for displaying the district boundary is exactly the same and works both on a Mac or a classic computer, and on ordinary devices. Below we will show you the procedure within the Google Maps application on iPhone and Mac.

On your macOS device, go to (or in any browser.
Once you are on the site, type the name of your district where you live into the search box.
Once you have done so, press the Enter key to search for the city.
The specific city you enter is automatically displayed on the map, along with a thick line that indicates its boundary.

To be able to determine exactly where the border is, all you have to do is zoom in on the map.

Don't forget to change the style of the map to Satellite or another that suits you.

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Cadastral area of ​​the city cadastral_earths_google_maps7

Cadastral area of ​​the city cadastral_earths_of_google_maps1

Cadastral area of ​​the city cadastral_earths_of_google_maps8

Cadastral area of ​​the city cadastral_earths_google_maps9
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