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Exactly which devices will be compatible with Matter has not yet been determined. Most manufacturers are reluctant to provide precise information. However, since the new Smart Home radio standard is based on thread, Bluetooth LE and WLAN (WiFi 6), many devices that already use one of the aforementioned standards will be made Matter-compatible via a firmware update. The following list does not claim to be complete and refers to announcements made so far. (Status: 01/2022)

Eve Systems explained on its website that all devices from its product portfolio that already support the thread radio standard will receive a free firmware update for Matter (as of 01/2022). This should include the following products:

Eve Aqua (2nd Gen)Eve Door and Window (3rd Gen)Eve Energy (Europe 4th Gen)Eve Light Switch (Europe 2nd Gen)Eve Room (3rd Gen)Eve Thermo (4th Gen)Eve Weather (2nd generation)

The company Signify, known for its Philips brand, also announced in a press release that it would rely on the Matter Smart Home radio standard. Signify is a member of the Connectivity Standards Alliance, which is responsible for the radio standard.

The French smart home device manufacturer Netatmo has already announced its first Matter smart home product in a blog post, the

Netatatmo Smart Security door and window contact sensor with integrated infrared motion detector

The HomeKit-compatible smart home system Aqara should also become Matter-compatible, as the company announced in a blog post. The Smart HomeHubs are intended to make new and existing Aqara Smart Home devices compatible with Matter. The following Smart Home centers should support the Smart Home radio standard:

Amazon has already given an insight into its Matter-compatible speakers on its developer page, but has not yet revealed any individual model names. We think that new Echo devices that support Bluetooth LE and WiFi 6 in particular will be made compatible via a firmware update. According to Amazon, devices from the following product families are to become Matter-compatible:

Amazon EchoAmazon Echo StudioAmazon Echo PlusAmazon Echo DotAmazon Echo Show

in addition there are the Wifi 6 devices

Amazon eero 6Amazon eero 6 Plus

Search engine giant Google has already committed itself to the Matter radio standard and announced in a post in its blog "The Keyword" that it would integrate Matter into Android. Along with Amazon and Apple, Google is one of the three IT giants that are also planning to make the following smart home devices Matter-enabled:

Nest WiFiNest Hub MaxNest Hub (2nd Gen)

Of the major manufacturers in the consumer electronics segment, Samsung announced in a press release that it would integrate Matter into its smart home platform SmartThings. Devices from the following product groups should support the Matter wireless standard

Galaxy devicesSmart TVsselect Samsung Family Hub devices

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