Meet iWork on Mac – Episode 3.

In the previous episode of our iWork series, we learned about the basic features of Pages. In this episode, we will focus on one of the many aspects of Pages, which is text editing. This time, we'll explore more advanced and lesser-known edits, learn to work with styles, create our own styles and formats, and work with them most effectively.

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  Amaya Tomanová Feb 5, 2020 4

Set the default document template


Pages sablona ulozit jako sablonu Save the page template as a template

Pages sablony pouzit sablonu Pages Templates Use Template

Pages sablony moje sablona Pages template my template
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If you work mostly in Pages with the same format you have chosen, you will surely welcome the possibility to set these complex parameters by default. You can set Pages on Mac to open each new document with the font, size, color, and other fonts you specify, so you don't have to constantly adjust the format. After starting Pages, select a new document and make all the settings you want first. Then, on the left side of the toolbar at the top of your Mac screen, click File -> Save as Template, and name the template as needed. In the upper left corner of the toolbar, click Pages -> Preferences and in the General tab, in the “New Document” section, check “Use Template”. You can then select your template by clicking “Change Template”. You can find the template you created by clicking on “My Templates” in the left panel of the template tab.

Copy text style


Pages styl zkopirovat styl Pages style copy style

Pages styl vlozit styl Pages style insert style

Pages styl kopirovat styl Pages style copy style
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If you want to apply the same look to all or part of a document, there is a simple solution for Pages. You can easily copy the selected text's style – not the text itself. First write the text and format it as needed. Then place the cursor in the text whose style you want to copy and mark everything (paragraphs, character style). Click Format in the top bar and select Copy Style. You can also use the Alt (Option) + Cmd + C keyboard shortcut. Then select the text to which you want to apply the copied style. Highlight it and click Format -> Paste Style on the top toolbar. You can also use the Alt (Option) + Cmd + V keyboard shortcut. You can also paste the selected style into other Pages documents.

Advanced text formatting: shadows and outlines


Pages format pisma obrysy Pages format lettering outlines

Pages oznacit pismo obrys Pages mark outlined outline
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Usually, working with documents is enough with basic text editing. In some cases, however, it is necessary to play with the text more and to highlight it, for example by adding text, outline, or colored highlighting. How to do it? One way to edit text is to add an outline or shadow. Use the mouse cursor to highlight the text you want to outline. In the right pane, in the Format section, click the small gear icon, check the outline or shadow, and adjust the parameters of this highlight (line weight and style, color) in the menu under “Outline”. In the same way, you can set and adjust the shadow effect for text. If you want to create text with only a non-fill outline, select the text and select “No fill” from the “Text Color” pop-up menu.

Create a custom character style and assign a keyboard shortcut to the style


Pages Styly vytvorit styl Pages Styles create a style

Pages Styl aktualizovat Pages Style Refresh

Pages Styl vytvorit vlastni styl pojmenovat styl Pages Style Create a custom style to name the style
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You do not necessarily have to use only preset styles for texts in Pages documents, but you can also create your own style. First create the text and apply the required parameters (size, format, color…) to it. Then select the block of text created and click on the drop-down menu with the list of styles in the panel on the right side. Click “+” in the top right corner of this menu to name it. Whenever you want to edit any text in this format, just select the style you created from the list. If you change the style in any way, an asterisk appears next to its name in the right panel and the banner is updated. When you confirm the update, the style changes, if you do nothing, the style remains unchanged.


Pages Styl Zkratka Pages Style Acronym

Pages Styl sipka Pages Style sipka
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You can also create a keyboard shortcut to quickly change the style of characters, as well as paragraphs or lists. When setting up a shortcut on a desktop Mac, just select one of the function keys; if you are working on a MacBook, you will need to press the Fn key in addition to the selected function key. In the right panel, select the style to which you want to assign the shortcut from the pop-up menu. Next to the style name, click the arrow -> Shortcut, and select F1 – F8.

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