Messenger for macOS is now also available in the Czech Republic

Not long ago, we have informed you on our website that Facebook has released for MacOS its own Messenger application, which is intended to allow apple-makers to easily communicate with their surroundings without having to open the web version of Messenger or rely on competing applications. The software was initially available only in France and several other countries, but it appeared on the Mac App Store a little while ago, so we can finally download and test it.


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Facebook itself describes the application as software designed for large displays and personal contact, while downloading and signing up will provide users with free messaging and quality voice and video calls. For MacBook Air, the application cuts 106.2 MB from the Mac storage, which is quite a nice size. After the initial launch, you are prompted either to log in with Facebook or to log in with your phone or email. Thanks to this, the macOS version of Messenger will be enjoyed even by those who do not have facebook accounts and use only this communicator. Once you choose to log in via Facebook, a special Messenger page will open in your web browser and you only need to confirm your login to the application. In case of logging in by phone or e-mail then you fill in your data by default and you are done.

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Pavel Jelič March 20, 2020 10

The visual appearance of macOS Messenger with Facebook has really worked out. It shows the features of both iOS and iPadOS versions, as well as the classic features of macOS applications, and everything is intertwined to make it work as well as possible. Regarding the fluency of the application and hence its functions, in the time of testing, which lasted only a few minutes, I did not find anything that would work poorly or at least abnormally. On the contrary, I have to say that the official Messenger runs much better on a Mac than the Messenger clients we used before. New is definitely worth a try.

You can download Facebook Messenger for Mac for free here

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