Missed details about one of the biggest innovations of the iPhone 12

It will not be a week before at least one new piece of information about the upcoming iPhone for 2020 is coming to light. networks and technologies that provide it. It is precisely those who could give wrinkles to Apple's forehead.

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In his new investor report, Kuo reiterated that all forthcoming iPhones would rely on LCP antennas to ensure excellent network connectivity, as well as near-zero heating and related issues. These Apple antennas were first tested on the iPhone X and have since followed the new iPhone, but in a way on a relatively small scale. The current 4G models require only one LCP FPC antenna module, whereas 5G requires 3 modules of the same component. This is one of the reasons why his orders will increase significantly, which could be a problem for Apple due to their deliveries. At present, only one company supplies this component. Negotiations with other vendors seem to be under way, but Apple will finish them in time so far in the stars.


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iPhone 12 detail iPhone 12 detail

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In addition to LCP FPC antennas, the new iPhones will use Qualcomm's data modems to connect to 5G networks, which should be available to Apple to perform the necessary tests. In a few years, however, Qualcomm, with whom he was recently on the knife due to non-payment of royalties, say goodbye and switch to his own solution. It has been working on it for quite a few months, and this is precisely because of the effort to become independent from competing companies. How quickly he can complete his own data modems is unclear. We in the Czech Republic and Slovakia have no choice but to hope that there will be 5G coverage in the near future as best as possible and this novelty to enjoy the new iPhone full sip.

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