MIUI 12.5, Xiaomi focuses on autonomy and security

Apart from its flagship, Xiaomi has presented the news that they have added to MIUI in version 12.5. The previous version that will bridge the next big MIUI update that we expect for next year.

During the presentation, Xiaomi wanted to emphasize that MIUI has released two major updates in 1 year, MIUI 12 and this new MIUI 12.5. Perhaps this rush has been the cause of all the problems experienced during this year's updates.

The MIUI development team has focused on version 12.5 on system optimization. They have improved the MIUI architecture by focusing on the effects of the smartphone and our gestures. Achieving greater rendering power (up to 20 times faster) and achieving more optimized effects. In this way, MIUI 12.5 is a lighter and faster version of the interface.

MIUI 12.5, less bloatware

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Vibration improvements

As the sensations with our phone are everything. Xiaomi has improved the haptic responses by integrating new vibrations.

Thanks to the use of the smartphone's vibration motor and Mi Haptic technology, MIUI 12.5 will add new 4D sensations to the system. Both when typing and moving / deleting apps offering vibrations that come from the four directions offering better sensations.

Improved privacy in MIUI 12.5

Xiaomi continues to improve user privacy to also offer a facelift in the face of the problems it has faced during this 2020. MIUI improves the protection of the clipboard to which all apps have access. For this, it will expose the applications that read from the clipboard and the access records.

In the geolocation section, it will offer a «fuzzy positioning» so that applications that do not require knowing our position exactly obtain an approximate situation with 2 or 3 meters of margin. In this way we can control which applications need the real location or which with this mode can continue to work.

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