Mobile Internet Abroad: What are the rules for using it, what do you pay for and what you don't?

It has been three years since we saw the end of roaming charges within the European Union. These are exactly the fees when you received an SMS message a few meters after crossing the border, in which the operator informed you that you would pay one hundred crowns per minute of a call and three hundred for one transferred megabyte from the data package. I know of several cases where people did not realize the roaming charges and then could not pay extra. Since the abolition of reoaming charges, many people think that roaming is simply unlimited, which is certainly not true. Even after canceling charges, you may find yourself in an awkward situation, but most often if you abuse roaming rather than using it.

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You may receive a fee for using roaming if you use it abroad above average, and therefore more than in the Czech Republic. The so-called fair use policy is used to correctly determine whether you are (not) using roaming above average. The rules set out in the fair use policy can be violated by consumers, who often travel abroad and spend more time there than at home. If the overuse policy finds that you, as a consumer, use above-average roaming, your operator may start charging you. You should know that the operator is able to control the use of roaming up to 4 months back. Therefore, if you have been abroad less than 4 months ago and you are aware that you have used roaming above average, you may be required to pay a fine or fees. These fees are decreasing more and more every year, currently it is a maximum of 3.5 euros for 1 GB of extra mobile data.

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These fees really only apply to the use of mobile data in terms of telephoning and sending SMS messages, so in this case no one will charge you anything extra. If you want to avoid paying charges, it is necessary to set up a special roaming tariff with the operator without data restrictions. However, no one will offer you this special tariff and you must apply for it from your operator. If you are one of the ordinary people who leave the Czech Republic from time to time, then you definitely don't have to worry about anything. As I have already mentioned, the biggest problems can arise if you leave the Czechia very often at work or at work and spend a lot of time abroad. At the same time, this prevents some consumers from buying a tariff or a prepaid SIM card, for example in Poland, where prices are lower, and then using it in the Czech Republic.

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