More real photos of the AirPods Pro case leaked, this is how it will look

While in the case of the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro there were really few leaks of real photos, the situation with the upcoming AirPods Pro is quite the opposite. Photos and various different information on the light of the world has recently come almost every day, and today will not be different in this respect. At night, two new photos appeared on the SlashLeaks portal, showing the AirPods Pro case in very good quality.



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Leaked images reveal nothing revolutionary. Again, we can see "only" shape significantly different (compared to the original AirPods) charger sleeve, which had to change Apple to change the shape of the headphones. It should introduce a much shorter "foot" hiding the battery or microphone, which should be attached to the body in a slightly different way. The body itself will then appear to be slightly elongated and, above all, fitted with a rubber plug at the tip, which will be used to implement active noise suppression. That is precisely what the new AirPods are due to arrive at. You can then see a round hole on the back of the box, in which a pairing button will be inserted, as it is now. Above it is then gray Designed by Apple in California, Assembled in China (very likely).

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AirPods Pro

  Jiří Filip Oct 17, 2019 0

The photos that have escaped are most likely not a prototype, but a piece intended for a classic sale that is awaiting completion. If that is the case, it would mean the only thing – production is starting to run if it is not already running, and sales can therefore be coming to an end. However, when exactly Apple will show these headphones to the world is still a mystery. This year, to the astonishment of many will miss its traditional Autumn Keynote held in October, which was just to show similar product as created. While many sources claim that the headphones will surprise by the end of October, but according to this theory certainly can not rely. After all, AirPods Pro will be a brand new product that would certainly deserve a podium presentation and therefore a detailed breakdown of all features by Apple people.

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