Moto G50 review: specs, display, battery and price

Motorola Moto G50

The Motorola Moto G range in this 2021 is much wider than usual; a few days ago I personally talked to you about the Moto G30 of which you will find the complete review, while Dario told you about the Moto G100, both products with good characteristics but with some "but" too many.

Today I'm talking about the Motorola Moto G50, another mid-range that arrives on a market, in my opinion, almost saturated with proposals; it is still an interesting device worth talking about, and of which I analyze the main aspects in my review today.

Motorola Moto G50 review

Package Contents

The package is made of a traditional opaque cardboard with a hand-use finish; inside we find:

Motorola Moto G50 European charger with 10W USB type A input USB A – USB C cable for charging and data transfer a standard pin for removing the SIM cart a pair of earphones a transparent TPU cover

Design and Materials

Much more similar to the Moto G100 than to the Moto G30, although the price ranges are totally different; Moto G50, star of today's review, is beautiful. Point. Although the Steel Gray color that I tried may seem too traditional and not very “new”, I must tell you that the effect it has when you take it out in the light is really beautiful. The finishes of the rear polycarbonate are glossy and there is a sort of mirror effect that probably in the photos will not do justice to the real beauty of the device itself.

164.9 x 74.9 x 8.95mm for 192 grams of weight are its plate data: Moto G50 is assembled well, nothing can be criticized in this respect. Excellent insertion of the three cameras without a bulky camera bump. Also good materials used by Motorola as well as its form factor at 20: 9 which allows a good grip and a comfortable use with one hand.

The transparent TPU cover in the package proved to be very useful as Moto G50 is also very slippery, as well as practically a dust magnet (trying to photograph it without specks of dust was a "Mission Impossible").

On the sides, we find the sim cart on the left and on the right (from the top) a button useful for activating the functions of the Google assistant, the volume regulator and the power and lock key. At the bottom center there is the USB Type C input for charging, the microphone on the left and the single speaker on the right in addition to the 3.5mm jack for headphones; the presence of the double microphone at the top for noise attenuation is convenient.


I want to be honest with you: many aspects of this review may appear similar to that of the Moto G30, but the reality is that Motorola has shared some of the components between these devices, which is why the judgments cannot logically be so conflicting.

So, back to us, Moto G50 has a 6.5 "IPS LCD display with a resolution of 720 × 1600 pixels and a density of 269PPI, a little bit (on paper, I would add) on such a wide diagonal, but they do not represent a problem. in daily use.

The 90Hz refresh rate of the display has also been implemented here, which makes the user experience pleasant and makes everything seem fantastically faster with just one optical "trick".

Good colors and calibration is satisfactory; good viewing angles as well as deep blacks as only Motorola and few others can do. The brightness is good even in sunlight, but I probably would have liked a little more: the sensor for automatic adjustment, then, responds quickly and precisely.

Here, too, as on all the other Motorola's analyzed in recent weeks, we have the possibility to change the color temperature of the display with three predefined presets. The update frequency, then, is set by default in automatic mode, which means leaving the smartphone to decide how to adapt in various circumstances (eg 90Hz in Gaming and 60Hz on Whatsapp).

Hardware and Performance

Motorola Moto G50 boasts a Snapdragon 480 Octa-Core processor under the body in the structure 2 Kryo 460 from 2.0Ghz and 6 Kryo 460 from 1.8GHz; the GPU instead is an Adreno 619. The RAM memory on this Moto G50 is 4GB and the internal storage is 128GB (curious to note how the Moto G30, which for Motorola is one step down from this Moto G50, is also available with 6GB of RAM).

However in everyday use the 2GB of RAM less make absolutely no difference, on the contrary: the performance of this Motorola G50 in benchmarks and routine tests, turn out to be far superior to its younger brother also because the processor present here is more recent. and has an 8nm production process compared to the 11nm of the Snapdragon 662.

The performances in daily use are satisfactory and there are no slowdowns of any kind; while on the Moto G30 I had noticed some slowdown in app loading and some slight jerkiness in loading games or heavier apps, this Moto G50 performed in a much better way.

Call of Duty Mobile is reproduced with a High graphic quality (COD has 4 levels of graphic adjustment, "HIGH" is the third level) and the whole game experience is up to the device: good framerate, not excessive heating and fully satisfactory performance.

Motorola Moto G50, thanks to the SoC with which it is equipped, fits between 5G smartphones, is also Dual-Sim (with a slot shared with the MicroSD) and integrates compatibility with Bluetooth 5.0. Then there is the NFC, even if the choice to use a mono speaker system just can't make me go down: in this price range the stereo speaker should be an obligation for smartphone manufacturers.


The Moto G50 in the photographic sector comes with three lenses, respectively the main 48 MP camera, f / 1.7, the 5 MP Macro, f / 2.4 and the 2 MP depth camera, f / 2.4. The selfie camera is 13 megapixel. Just to leave behind the technical data, the videos are recorded at 1080p 30 or 60 fps, with the important difference that at 30fps the videos will be stabilized while at 60fps the stabilization is not available.

It should be noted that this Moto G50 lacks the UltraWide camera which, instead, is present on the G30; having said that, the photographic quality seemed to me slightly below its younger brother G30 which, as regards the photographic sector, gave more satisfactions.

However in principle the shots are acceptable, the colors are balanced even if the final shots do not enjoy a very high definition and with some basic crop it is possible to notice a "graininess" in the shots, even those with a lot of light. The night mode offers shots in line with the price range, without big claims or big results.

The selfie camera, then, it is good to use it without beauty effects or other, as long as you do not want to transform yourself into a ceramic doll: the “smoothing” effect of the face is exaggerated.

The camera software, as seen on some Motorola smartphones, is very feature-rich; from portrait mode to professional mode with lots of exposure histograms, ISO adjusters etc.


As already said with the Moto G30, which I have personally reviewed, Motorola for me is among the best producers in terms of software: despite years and ever newer versions of Android, Motorola has been able to guarantee exceptional software optimization for some time now and this Moto G50 is no exception.

The performance is excellent, but I had no doubts: the software is optimized to the highest level, seasoned with features and goodies that Motorola always inserts with wisdom and skill: in the "Moto" application, we will find all the functions designed by the company, starting from simple graphic customizations up to the customization of gestures or the enabling of optimized modes for gaming, listening to music and watching movies.

When you first switch on the device you will find yourself faced with a selection between gestures or soft keys at the bottom; the gestures are customizable and very comfortable, but if you are more traditional, you can always continue to use the smartphone in traditional mode.

Also here, as per Motorola tradition, Peek is present; as always, just lift the smartphone to enable this substantially Full Black screen in which we will find, without unlocking the device, a synthetic and iconic summary of all the notifications received.

The Android version is 11 with security patch updates as of March 1, 2021. The device is also Widevine L1 certified, which means maximum quality streaming playback on all platforms.


The battery of the Moto G50 is a 5000 mAh unit that supports fast charging at 15W, although unfortunately a traditional 10W power supply has been included in the package, a little slower in providing a full charge to the device.

However, the 5000 mAh and Motorola's excellent software optimization will guarantee you an autonomy of one day without any sacrifice and about a day and a half if you are more attentive to savings, if you disable localization, bluetooth and other "battery suckers", but for me it doesn't make much sense as a move.

I am sorry for the absence of a "real" fast charge as, for example, happens on some Realme and it is also a pity for the absence of wireless charging, for many useless but for many a salvation.

Price and Considerations

As usual, we have come to conclusions and Motorola, practically always, loses ground for only one very simple reason: the selling price of its devices. Yes, because I also liked this Moto G50 and satisfied in all aspects, logically in relation to the slice of the market it tries to occupy.

In summary, among the most convincing aspects of the Moto G50 we find an exceptional battery, a software as always optimized to the very large and a screen with good colors; a little less convincing, but not to be rejected, aspects such as speaker and camera. But, as already happened for the Moto G30 and Moto G100, the most disqualifying aspect for this Moto G50 is, once again, the selling price.

€ 279.00 is Motorola's proposal on its price list (and attached online store), definitely out of budget (compared to competitors) of at least € 100; those who are faced with the purchase of a smartphone will have to decide whether to invest the extra € 100 in the Motorola "Brand" alone or whether to focus on brands such as POCO or Realme (just to name two) and have a smartphone with a technical data sheet far more attractive … and you already know how the story ends, at the end of the day …


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