Mozilla Firefox: Delete saved passwords and deactivate synchronization

In the old days you always had to copy bookmarks, passwords and other items from computer A to computer B by hand. Those times are behind us. At least the bookmarks can be synchronized in browsers, but extensions and passwords can now also be exchanged between the instances and kept synchronized.

But if you use an external password solution, such as 1Password, Enpass, Bitwarden, KeePass or others, then there may be a need to only use this – probably because the system or the browser do not matter. Because: A password manager works independently of the browser in the best case. So if you don't want to know your passwords in the browser, you might have to clean up. Of course, this also applies to Firefox and its Lockwise password manager.

Firefox: Delete old passwords

Go to the Firefox menu and call up "Access data and passwords".

In the window that opens, select the option "Remove all login data" from the menu with the three dots (…). In this episode, Lockwise informs you that the passwords will be deleted and are no longer available in sync.

Mozilla Firefox: Deactivate saving of passwords

At the end, make sure that you deactivate the request for saving the passwords in the Firefox settings under "Privacy & Security". So Firefox no longer asks and you are not tempted to save passwords in the browser again.


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