Mozilla's VPN solution is now called "Mozilla VPN"

We have already reported that Mozilla is looking for ways to make money. You have, for example, Pocket, which offers a premium program. Mozilla previously offered the Firefox Private Network, a VPN solution. It is now renamed and is called Mozilla VPN. Mozilla VPN is currently only for US users and now costs $ 4.99 a month. The solution can be used on up to 5 devices. The thing is: Mozilla did not create its own solution, just hewn its own name on the Swedish VPN solution Mullvad. We already reported in 2019 that Mozilla plans to use premium features. An existing VPN with other names may be able to animate some users, but is actually quite thin. How would it be if you started your own program at Mozilla? Mail, calendar and the password manager Lockwise in a bundle for x euros a month? That would probably be an added value.

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