mySHOEFITTER – foot measurement via app

The technology behind the mySHOEFITTER app

The mySHOEFITTER app can be used with any smartphone or tablet with a camera and is based on a scientifically based, biometric application. This measures the feet with millimeter precision and, in cooperation with the online shoe shops, makes it possible to find out the correct shoe size. While the app is extremely easy to use, the technology behind it is very complex. Various image evaluation algorithms based on biomolecular optical systems work in the background. Artificial intelligence with a focus on supervised deep learning is also integrated, which learns with every foot measurement and return. The app is becoming more and more efficient and learns from mistakes in order to deliver a better result with the next order.

So that the application can be integrated into various online shops using plug-ins, it is provided as a service (SAAS) solution. The manufacturer of the app assumes that the use of the mySHOEFITTER app will result in up to 75 percent fewer returns.

How does the foot measurement technology from mySHOEFITTER work

Using the mySHOEFITTER app is extremely simple and only a few steps are necessary to find out the correct shoe size:

Open the app. Take a picture of the foot. The app now measures the feet with millimeter accuracy in just a few seconds. The correct shoe size appears on the display and you can be redirected to the shop. The size is then automatically adjusted in the shop and the shoe only has to be To be added to shopping cart.

How the environment benefits from the foot measurement app mySHOEFITTER

Almost 37.5 percent of all shoes ordered online are returned due to the wrong shoe size. This corresponds to the return of almost 750 million shoes in 2018. This additional expense not only costs companies several billion euros annually, but also leads to increasing CO emissions, more packaging waste and larger quantities of destroyed goods. Big environmental sins that can be minimized with the help of the integration of mySHOEFITTER.

Thanks to mySHOEFITTER, online providers can save billions of euros every year

Thanks to mySHOEFITTER, online providers can save billions of euros every year


Conclusion on the mySHOEFITTER app

Buying shoes online is one of the least well-functioning parts of digital shopping, as shoe sizes often differ greatly between individual companies and customers often do not know which size fits best. With the help of mySHOEFITTER, however, this problem can be solved, as providers, in cooperation with the app, can tell the customer exactly which size to order for the desired shoe.

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