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New Samsung Galaxy S20 update with fix for green screen now in the Netherlands and Belgium - GEARCOUPON

New Samsung Galaxy S20 update with fix for green screen now in the Netherlands and Belgium

The update that fixes the "green screen bug" of the Galaxy S20 Ultra fixture is now available in the Netherlands. Samsung rolls out the same firmware to all Galaxy S20 models – just in case.

samsung galaxy s20 ultra update green screen fix netherlands

Galaxy S20 Ultra update fixture green screen in the Netherlands

We summarize: on April 13, the Galaxy S20 in our country received the April update. On April 15, it appeared to contain a bug that turns the screen of the Galaxy S20 Ultra green. On April 20, Samsung promised to fix the case, after which the fix rolled out in the first countries on April 22. And today, on April 24, it is also available in the Netherlands.

To be precise, Samsung is now rolling out the update to firmware version G98xxXXU1ATD3. The download is over 154MB in size, and contains stability improvements, bug fixes. The security patch date logically remains at April 1. And indeed: on the S20 Ultra the problem that the screen turns green when the device switches back to a 60 Hz screen frequency has been solved.

It is striking that the same update is also offered on all other Galaxy S20 models. On the S20 and S20 Plus, the official changelog is even longer than on the S20 Ultra. Samsung also mentions new and / or improved features and further performance improvements. All that does not immediately become much wiser, but if you have the update on your S20 or S20 Plus and again what Samsung is talking about: we would like to read below, thank you in advance ?.

galaxy s20 ultra update green screen fix g988bxxu1atd3

galaxy s20 ultra green tint fix update software data g988bxxu1atd3


The update is now available on all unbranded Galaxy S20 (Plus, Ultra) models in the Netherlands and in Belgium. Only if you have a branded device from Vodafone or T-Mobile, a little patience is required. And as you probably know: you will automatically receive a notification as soon as the update is ready for your device. You can of course always check yourself directly via Settings -> Software update -> Download and install.

(Thanks to everyone who reported it to us!)

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