Next folding phone is called Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

The device that was popularly called Galaxy Fold 2 for a long time, is actually called Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. That appears from various sources, and in fact it is only logical. Although it is not a best name, of course.

Next folding phone is called Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 - Next folding phone is called Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

Galaxy Z Fold 2: Samsung's next foldable

Last year, Samsung launched its first folding phone with the Galaxy Fold. It has been established for some time that that device will have a successor in 2020. In early February we already confirmed that Samsung is working on it – under the code name Winner2. And now the launch is fast approaching. But: what will the device actually be called?

For convenience, we have just called the device Galaxy Fold 2 in recent months. However, since the Galaxy Z Flip we also know that Samsung wants to accommodate all its folding phones in the Galaxy Z series. That the "Z" sneaks in the name was in fact inevitable. And that is what our colleagues at SamMobile are now reporting – and what we have confirmed to be sure.

They learned that this device will soon be available in the shops under the name Galaxy Z Fold 2. This makes the logic clear: flip phones are called Flip, folding phones are Fold. Why there should be a Z is not entirely clear, because let's face it: Galaxy Z Fold 2 is a mouth (too) full. If the South Koreans also release a Lite later, the turnips are cooked.

Anyway, it's not that far yet. The Galaxy Z Fold 2 will probably be officially unveiled on August 5 – at the same time as the Galaxy Note 20. With a bit of luck, it will be in the Dutch shops later that month. The price is not known, but keep the price of the first Fold in mind for a rough indication (€ 2020).

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