Next generation Galaxy Buds gets a completely different design

That Samsung is already working on the next generation of its Galaxy Buds earphones in no surprise. Thanks to new rumors, we already get a good idea of ​​what these will look like later.

samsung galaxy buds beans design

Next Galaxy Buds: beans in your ears

Not long ago we reviewed the new Galaxy Buds +. These build on the first generation of Galaxy Buds, including an almost unchanged design. Even then it was immediately clear that the Buds + are not real, next-generation Buds. However, Samsung does work exactly on the latter.

WinFuture received a surprising amount of information about the next Galaxy Buds generation. The leakage of so much data about the physical design of the earphones is particularly striking. The renders made on the basis of the information – which are not Samsung's own – show earphones with a strikingly slick design. There are no stems on it, and no clear speaker to put in the ear itself. As a result, they are somewhat similar in design to a hearing aid – or kidneys, or beans. The internal code name of the earphones is therefore Bean, as a European brand name registration has recently confirmed.

Just like the current Buds +, we also see two separate loudspeakers in these 'beans'. Whether the earphones – model number SM-R180, for whom it keeps track – have active noise cancellation is not yet known. Also, no technical details are available yet about things like battery capacity. We also do not see a clear, marked area where you can use certain functions by touch.

galaxy buds beans in ear

When will Samsung release these earphones?

As you can already see, there is still a lot not clear. The new Galaxy Buds slash Beans are therefore still at a fairly early stage of development. For now, for the sake of convenience, we assume that the launch will take place sometime during the summer – with or without the upcoming Galaxy Note 20. Until then, we will hopefully learn more about the eye-catching design, and further characteristics.

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