Not just Microsoft. Twitter is also interested in purchasing TikTok

It seems that the purchase of TikTok, or at least part of it, which would allow the service to continue to operate in the US, will ultimately be a solid scramble. According to information from The Wall Street Journal, Twitter also joined the fight for it, which will try to blow it up to Microsoft.

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Jiří Filip

5. 8. 2020


Until a few hours ago, Microsoft was considered de facto the only possible buyer of TikTok or at least its US division. However, the service seems to be attractive to many more companies than originally expected. The biggest of them is Twitter, which according to The Wall Street Journal was supposed to start negotiations with ByteDance, which operates TikTok, about a possible deal. Although it is not clear how far the negotiations are at the moment, it is generally assumed that the competing Microsoft has a very decent lead in them, as they are trying to find out about the acquisition for longer.

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Twitter, on the other hand, has a lot of experience with running video applications. For example, in 2012 he received the viral application Vine under his wings, which worked on a similar principle as TikTok. Eight years ago, however, there was not so much user interest in it, which is why Twitter decided to cut it off four years after its purchase. However, nothing like this can be expected at TikTok, as it is a giant global phenomenon that will work almost 100% great both under ByteDance and any other more capable operator, which Microsoft and Twitter meet.

Whatever ByteDance decides to sell TikTok, we will know the final verdict no later than September 15 this year. It was on this day that US President Donald Trump described it as an imaginary dead line application in the USA. Until then, its operations will not be handed over to certified US companies that will help fill the coronavirus-devastated state coffers, TikTok will definitely end up in the country.

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