Not only in Czech and Slovak. Apple wants to learn Siri Polish and Croatian in the near future

Czech and Slovak are not the only languages ​​that Siri's artificial assistant from Apple's workshop seems to speak in the near future. The vacancy site in the ranks of the California giant is gradually revealing that Apple is trying to find people from a number of countries as Siri Annotation Analysts – in all cases, of course, from countries that do not yet have Siri in their native language.

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Jiří Filip September 29, 2020 45

In addition to Czech and Slovak-speaking and writing people, Apple is also looking for people who speak Ukrainian, Hungarian, Polish, Croatian, Greek, Flemish, Romanian, Indonesian and Vietnamese. The description of all these job positions is the same – ie the analysis of voice commands of users and their subsequent learning of Siri, and therefore the analysis of her already learned answers and actions.

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Exactly when we could look forward to Siri's large language expansion on Apple's workshop is one big mystery at the moment. In general, however, it can be said that smart assistants have enjoyed great popularity in recent years, which is also growing year by year. Their place in the ecosystem of technological societies is therefore becoming increasingly important and it is therefore necessary for them to be as usable as possible in as many countries as possible. Because of this, we would expect that the arrival of new languages ​​for Siri will not be so far away. But who knows – maybe Apple will surprise you.

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