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While a few months ago we wrote about the fact that the developers were bombarding us with a steady volley of retro puns, shortly afterwards the creators gradually moved on to other genres and there was a mild drought for older school enthusiasts. Fortunately, the pause didn't last long and we can look forward to another remarkable game from the studio of independent developer Oleg Klaus, who will release his latest work – Swordshot – under the direction of Crescent Moon Games.


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It might seem that independent studios have turned away from the titles in the retro jacket, but that is not the case. The creator Oleg Klaus came up with another unconventional play that reminds of arcade games from the 80s and 90s. This time, game mechanics will revolve around a sword that can cast magic spells, making its way through hordes of enemies. They are more difficult with each new level and they don´t give anything for free to players. In addition, they are procedurally generated, so you can always look forward to a new opponent using a previously unknown way of fighting. In addition, magical items are flying around enemies, which you will first have to shoot through and then attack the main boss. The game will therefore require perfect reflexes and an unbreakable strategy.

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As for the graphic itself, the game is dressed in a pixel retro jacket, which accompanies the corresponding musical accompaniment. Swordshot will give you an unforgettable atmosphere that only older titles have usurped for themselves. You don't have to worry about the difficulty, which is higher than most games in this genre, but it is increasing gradually. This will give you enough time to get used to the pace of the game and adapt to the environment. So if you don't want to get into older titles and you don't mind the elaborate addictive puns you will have the urge to play perfectly, Swordshot is just for you. According to current information, we will wait for the release for a while, but the game should arrive on iOS and Android no later than the beginning of spring.

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