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oneplus charging stations

Every time a new update comes out at OnePlus, there are those who sling to analyze to find any surprises. And given that the Beta of Android 11 has recently been released, the curiosity in finding out what's new is even higher. Analyzing its content it was discovered, for example, that OnePlus 8T should support the Super Warp Charge and that there will be a new color. But also the name OnePlus Pods, which should indicate the next TWS headphones. But the news does not end there: according to the analyzes performed on the software codes, OnePlus would like to introduce the possibility of finding charging stations.

Update 20/11: months later, OnePlus officially announces the features in question. Find all the details at the end of the article.

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Are you looking for a charging station? Your OnePlus smartphone will tell you where to go

oneplus 8t super warp charge 65w charger new color

One of the members of the XDA community discovered the following strings within Android 11 Beta for OnePlus 8:

Mute Notifications
Charging Stations
No charging stations nearby
Notify when there is a charging station nearby
Charging stations
To find the charging stations, location permission is required to detect BLE beacons. Please provide access to location to start using this feature.
To find the charging stations, location permission is required to detect BLE beacons. Please provide access to location to start using this feature.
Find Stations

There is also a graphic asset that links to the whole:

oneplus charging station

The related description makes us understand what it is and how this feature will work. OnePlus would be working on building a network consisting of multiple charging stations with which to quickly recharge your smartphone. Although they may not be widespread in Italy, they represent an infrastructure that in the future could prove to be almost indispensable for our daily life.

Batteries are not advancing in their durability technology, while recharges are becoming faster and faster. One of the drawbacks of charging stations is that they are often very slow and to have a consistent increase in charge you have to stop near them for several minutes. But thanks to the latest developments in fast charging, the timing could significantly decrease. Just think of OPPO's Super VOOC 2, capable of bringing the battery from 0% to 100% in just over 30 minutes. Not to mention that wireless technologies are also rapidly advancing.

Given that OnePlus inherits the hardware innovations from OPPO, this could be exploited precisely for charging stations. Equipped with Bluetooth Low-Energy, they would be able to communicate with OnePlus smartphones. The user would receive a notification (via a dedicated app) when in their vicinity, so that they can take advantage of it when needed.

When will we see it implemented?

When will this feature be launched? Given the scope of such a novelty, OnePlus will have to act in advance to place stations around the affected territory. But seeing as the OnePlus 8T may inherit OPPO's 65W charging, it may only take a few months. This does not mean, however, that the stations will be present everywhere, quite the contrary. It is highly probable that the company's work will be concentrated exclusively in the countries where it has the most business, India and Northern Europe in the first place. It will be interesting to see if these will also be usable by non-OnePlus users (albeit with more dilated timing).

First live sightings | Update 18/06

What seemed only an indiscretion now becomes a theory to say the least concrete. The photos depicting the first charging stations of OnePlus arrive from the Kempegowda international airport of Bengaluru in India. Warp Charge technology accompanies two Full Size USB ports, as well as a port dedicated to the electrical plug of other countries.

Here comes the official announcement | Update 20/11

After months from the first sightings, OnePlus officially announces the debut of the Charging Stations. The feature will be integrated into the OxygenOS and with the Nearby Charging Stations option it will be possible to identify the closest ones. The moment one is found, you will receive a notification that warns us of the sighting nearby.

Unfortunately it remains a novelty relegated only to India, at least for the moment, with the first charging station located at Bengaluru airport. The next ones will be implemented in the New Dehli airport, while there is no information relating to Italy.

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