OnePlus Co-Founder: Apple isn't nearly as innovative as it used to be

Do you realize that the days when Apple was called one of the most innovative companies in the world are long gone? You are far from alone. The same opinion is held by the co-founder of the Chinese technology company, which has recently enjoyed the great popularity of OnePlus, Carl Pei.

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Jan Vajdák September 4, 2020 8

Pei, who recently left OnePlus to found a new technology company, Nothing, said in a recent interview with CNBC that in the past he was indeed a giant Apple fan who literally swallowed all his news. For example, such an iMac G3, according to him, completely changed the computer market, and the same in pale blue can be said about Apple's most famous product, which is the iPhone.

In recent years, however, Pei has come to realize that Apple has almost abandoned innovation or slowed down extremely. Because of this, the average user no longer needs to upgrade their electronics, because each new generation is very similar to the previous one. Pei was then not afraid to compare the current state of the technology market to the 1980s and the computers that appeared in them. At that time, according to him, it was just boring gray boxes, which were thoughtlessly spewed by practically all manufacturers without trying to innovate in any more way.

Do you find the new iMacs innovative enough ?:

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As the current state of the electronics market is not liked by the co-founders of OnePlus, he would like to reverse this trend with his company. He wants to start this mission in June, specifically with the introduction of Ear 1 wireless headphones offering, for example, 20 different levels of ambient noise suppression or a "retro-futuristic" design, as the headphones themselves describe. Whether he succeeds or not is unclear at the moment, but from the point of view of technology fans, we have no choice but to wish him. A proper kick in the technology market, which would provide us with products in the future from which our chin will regularly fall, would be really great.

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