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oneplus tv support dolby vision cinematic display range engine

OnePlus TV, support for Dolby Vision, Cinematic Display and Gamma Engine: what they are and how they work

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We have already mentioned the Dolby Vision support that the next OnePlus TVs will obtain, i.e. the advanced HDR vision system that manages image metadata dynamically, unlike the HDR10 standard. But what are the supports for Cinematic Display and Gamma Engine proprietary technologies and how do they work?

For the first Cinematic Display feature, we are talking about a 93% DCI-P3 color range coverage process, a very high quantity in the reproduction of color fidelity while watching and for a OnePlus TV intended for the mid-range, it is certainly a plus not indifferent.

If you've seen high-quality TVs, you're no stranger to MEMC. We've created a custom MEMC chip that can push ordinary 30fps video up to 120, so any video gets the full advantage of our 120Hz Fluid Display.

– Pete Lau (@PeteLau) January 16, 2020

Speaking instead of Gamma Engine for OnePlus TV, this technology allows to obtain excellent results in terms of viewing quality: in fact, processing, resolution, dynamic contrast, MEMC ("motion estimation, motion compensation", for understand what it is we leave you a Tweet by Pete Lau explaining it), the mapping of the color space, the anti-aliasing and the noise reduction.

In short, these new OnePlus TV, albeit cheaper, will not miss anything. We just have to wait for July 2, 2020 to see them presented, hoping that OnePlus will give us the grace to distribute them also in the West.

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