Oprah Winfrey is preparing a document about sexual harassment in the music industry for Apple TV +

When Apple introduced its new  TV + streaming service this March, it announced that it would work closely with popular moderator Oprah Winfrey. As part of this partnership, a documentary for  TV + will be created, focusing on sexual harassment in the music industry. The document is scheduled to be aired next year.


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Production and directed by Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering, executive producers are Oprah Winfrey and Terry Wood from Harpo Production, Dan Cogan from Impact Partners, Regina K. Scully from Artemis Rising, Ian Darling from Shark Island and Abigail Disney from Level Forward. Jamie Rogers and Amy Herdy are part of the creative team. The filmmakers describe as "a thorough investigation of race, gender, class and intersectionality, the tax that attacks on their victims, and society as a whole" The documentary premiere is scheduled for  TV + sometime next year; "Toxic Labor". Apple's collaboration with Oprah Winfrey is likely to continue to grow, but only Apple knows the exact details. Certainly a mental health series is planned. Oprah Winfrey is working with Prince Harry himself as co-creator and executive producer of the show.

Everybody, from experts to viewers, was curious about the start of  TV +. But the beginnings of the service could be described as rather embarrassing – some of the programs meet with a contradictory rating, the premiere of The Banker has an uncertain future. But Apple is confident about the success of its service and is boldly planning the second series of its series and brand new programs.

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