Ordinary apples don't know how to properly reset Macs. They inadvertently make them expensive paperweights

Along with the macOS Catalina operating system, Apple has also introduced the Activation Lock for Macs feature a T2 chip. The activation lock is intended to prevent abuse of the Mac by thieves or its unauthorized use. If Activation Lock is turned on for iPhone, it is recommended that the owner of the iPhone who wants to donate or sell their iPhone be deactivated before the device is reset. This will disable the Activation Lock and allow the new owner to safely use iPhone. At first glance, Activation Lock also looks like a great and useful thing on Mac. But the iFixit website pointed out that most ordinary users have no idea how to properly reset their device when they decide to get rid of it. This fact, coupled with the fact that the vast majority of Macs currently in use has the Activation Lock significantly reduces the likelihood that the used Macs can be reused in any way and sold, for example, as refurbished devices.


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Peter Schindler, owner of The Wireless Alliance, a Colorado-based company that sells and mediates recycled and refurbished equipment, points out that if the owner does not test his equipment correctly, he will make it a virtually unusable piece. Many people think that when they turn off the phone, it also turns off the Find iPhone feature, not realizing that it will completely shut down their device. This is true for both iPhone and newer Macs. Older Macs have a feature that resembles Activation Lock, but can be bypassed using special tools. However, these cannot be used on Macs with a T2 security chip. The chip cannot be physically operated – when attempting to manipulate it, the hardware lock is activated and can only be reset using Apple's authorized software.

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Activation lock is undoubtedly a useful thing in terms of security, but without sufficient user education it can also cause certain damage under certain circumstances. Peter Schindler of The Wireless Alliance is of the opinion that Apple should establish authorized branches for its customers where specially trained employees can bypass the Activation Lock. Of course, these services would only be provided in the case of donated facilities that are not reported stolen or lost. In the meantime, however, users will have to cope with self-resetting through various Internet guides, which can be found here.

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