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Oschadbank can turn your smartphone into a payment terminal

In OschadPAY for business there is a function of fiscalization of non-cash payments and cash payments. From January 1, 2022, RROs or software cash registers became mandatory for most FLPs of the second or fourth group.

And now they have another alternative – OschadBank has announced the launch of a service for fiscalization of non-cash payments and cash payments through software RRO. The new functionality has become part of the mobile application for SberPAY business customers.

The new service provides the ability to use a smartphone with an NFC module based on Android version 8.0 or higher without additional equipment as a trading POS terminal. The fiscalization service is developed and maintained by UKR.PAY.

The bank offers a single tariff for acquiring acquiring using SberPAY – 1.7% of the transaction amount without additional payments, provided that payments are credited to the bank account. Connection of PRRO within the pilot period is free of charge.

SberPAY became available to customers a year and a half ago thanks to the partnership between Sberbank and VISA. In addition to fiscalization, the following options are available to SberPAY customers:

login to the application by biometrics, PIN code or password;
formation of the list of goods and their display in the check;
"quick calculation" function (conducting transactions without specifying the list of goods);
view, filter and search transactions;
sending a check by SMS, e-mail or any available means via Android;
administration of cashiers in the application;
view and close the current business day;
display of current smartphone connections to payment terminals at the first registration for existing customers;
revision and closing of the results of the banking business day, cash and fiscal operations;
new online SberPAY office for merchants.

The day before, PrivatBank reduced acquiring tariffs to 1.8%, and earlier the bank together with Visa launched the Terminal service in Ukraine, which turns Android smartphones with NFC into a POS terminal, and developed a new technology of contactless payment for NFC tags for microbusiness

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