Oukitel RT1- a rare toughness Android Tablet launched

OUKITEL’s rugged Android tablet “OUKITEL RT1” will be held at the world premiere (sale) from November 25. The company has clarified the tab’s features before the world premiere, along with the sale price. So, I will introduce it in this article.

Features of Oukitel RT1:

Since the OS was described as “Stock Version” on Android 11. It is probably “plain Android (Android whose UI is not customized by the manufacturer)” that is often referred to in Wintab. The CPU is Helio P22, and Antutu Ver.9 is about 100,000 points, which is an entry-class performance. It will work without problems if it is an essential operation of the OS, a news application, or a simple puzzle game, but it is not suitable for games.

Oukitel RT1 Germany

RAM is 4GB, and storage is 64GB, which is also an entry class. The display also has a 10.1-inch resolution of 1,920 x 1,200, a standard specification for a Chinese Android tablet.


Both the side and the outside camera are 16MP, which is a high pixel count for an Android tablet. There are things that you can’t tell from just the number of pixels, but you may be able to take beautiful pictures in the outdoor scene. I want to expect a little here.


Also, about the battery, a 10.1-inch tablet in China often has a capacity of about 6,000 to 7,000-mAh, so 10,000-mAh can be said to be a relatively large capacity.

So, it’s the size, but the numbers on the OUKITEL official website are wrong. 10.1-inch tablet ALLDOCUBE iPlay 40, which is popular on Xiaomi Today for confirmation. Let’s compare it;

OUKITEL RT1: 174 x 81 x 17.3 mm / 860 g

ALLDOCUBE iPlay40: 248.1 x 157.86 x 8.2 mm / measured 458 g


The vertical and horizontal size of RT1 “174 x 81” is about the size of a toughness smartphone, so it is “impossible on this world line” to fit a 10.1-inch display. However, I feel that the thickness and weight are “like that”. It’s a tough tablet, so it’s probably 1.5 to 2 times heavier than a regular 10.1-inch tablet.

Oukitel RT1 has IP68 / IP69K waterproof and dust-proof performance and MIL standard (MIL-STD 810G) robustness. This is the biggest selling point of RT1.

I’m sorry, this is the only image on the side, and I didn’t know the port layout. In addition, it seems that the front surface is also slightly raised (image processing is done to improve the product’s appearance).

I think this image is a live-action image, not CG, so it seems to be the most reliable. Looking at this, you can see that the bezel width is reasonably wide, and the edge part of the housing is reinforced with rubber. Also, this image’s “original intention” is that it can be touch-operated while wearing gloves.

Oukitel RT1 United States

The material is made of resin on the back, but it has the ruggedness of a tough product. I think this is a good direction. You can choose orange or black as the housing color, but the base color is black & grey, and only the accent color is different.


The OUKITEL RT1 is on sale at the OUKITEL Official Store on AliExpress, and the price as of November 23 is $ 259.99, but the world premiere will start at 5 pm on November 25, and it will be $199.99.

Considering that the Chinese tab is currently popular worldwide, it comes with UNISOC T618 in the CPU and has a capacity of RAM 8GB / storage 128GB. I feel that the system configuration of RT1 is a little unsatisfactory. Still, it has a toughness that competing products do not have.

The rugged design is a big attraction. There are very few toughness tablets on Android, and even if they are, they are quite expensive, so I think the RT1 that can be purchased for just over 20,000 yen will become popular.

Oukitel RT1 Android tablet now available for just $288.19

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