Password manager: KeePass 1.39 released

Users of the classic version of the password manager KeePass can now download version 1.39. KeePass versions 1 and 2 differ greatly in their functions, but there are users for whom version 1 is sufficient. You can find an overview of the differences between KeePass 1 and KeePass 2 on this page. Here is an overview of the changes between KeePass 1.38 and 1.39:

New function:

Auto-Type-Matching option 'Consider similar hyphens as identical' added (in 'Tools'? 'Options'? Tab 'Advanced'? Button 'Auto-Type', switched on by default).
If the option 'Do not save data in Windows clipboard history and in the cloud clipboard' is activated (which is the case by default), KeePass now also excludes its clipboard content from being processed by the Windows internal component ClipboardMonitor.


Updated to Boost Libraries version 1.75.0.
Updated installer.
Various UI text improvements.
Various code optimizations.
Minor other improvements.

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