Photo: this is the small battery of the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

We predicted it already, and now a photo provides proof: one of the two batteries of the Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Fold 2 is very small. Indirectly that is the umpteenth hint for a RAZR-like clamshell design.

galaxy fold 2 eb-bf701aby battery

Galaxy Fold 2 batteries

A little over a month ago we wrote that the alleged "Galaxy Fold 2" has two batteries that are not the same size. We then reported that one of these batteries has a capacity of only 900 mAh. A photo of exactly this battery confirms that it is very small.

As is often the case, the SafetyKorea database is the first to reveal images of a telephone battery. We now see the certification of the battery with model number EB-BF701ABY, which is produced by Samsung SDI itself. Although the photo is too blurry to confirm the precise capacity, it is immediately clear that we see a small battery – much smaller than a regular smartphone battery.

samsung eb-bf701aby certification

All this is of course no surprise. The first Galaxy Fold is a smartphone that folds out into a tablet, but Samsung's next folding phone has a clamshell design: a phone that folds to a compact size. The battery snapped here is probably half that of the device that also contains the camera module, so there is not much room for the battery.

Much cheaper

Not only does the alleged "Fold 2" become a lot smaller than the large, first Fold, it also gets cheaper. Korean sources today even report that it may even have to cost less than $ 1000: around $ 845. That sounds good, but is of course also necessary if Samsung wants to make folding telephones mainstream again.

The expectation is that Samsung will launch the next Fold – of which the question is whether it will indeed be called Fold 2 – more or less simultaneously with the Galaxy S11. In any case, the intention is that the compact Fold 2 will also be released in the Netherlands. Hopefully this will happen with a lot less delay than the first Fold.

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