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Photos of the mysterious "AirPort successor" have appeared, they will probably disappoint you - GEARCOUPON

Photos of the mysterious “AirPort successor” have appeared, they will probably disappoint you

It’s only been a few weeks since Appleers secretly hoped to revive AirPort’s network elements, as Apple had just one network element certified by the FCC. However, it soon became clear that it was most likely just internal facilities, such as Apple’s offices or stores. That this is almost 100% confirmed by photos uploaded to the FCC database for two reasons. On the one hand, the device is not at all interesting in terms of design, and on the other hand, the fact that it appeared in such a public way in the database means that Apple does not intend to keep it secret in any way and therefore does not have it ready for the public.

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The enthusiasm was premature. The mysterious “successor to AirPort” is apparently not intended for the public

All about Apple Jiří Filip 25. 5. 2022 1

Photo gallery

network adapter 1

network adapter 1

network adapter 2

network adapter 2 Enter the gallery

As you can see in the photos next to this paragraph, the device has a relatively dull design in the form of a dark square body, on the opposite smallest sides of which are located sockets – specifically USB-C and Ethernet port. On the side of the device are then visible QR codes (one of them is F6WQQ7G06N) and the designation For Development Use Only, which clearly indicates that it is for development purposes. Unfortunately, nothing else can be read from the photos, but if we start from the information from the past, the device should still hide the WiFi module, NFC, 32GB of internal memory and 1.5GB of RAM. In addition, it should run a lightweight version of iOS, which Apple also uses in its Studio Display. However, we no longer have more information about the product and we probably will never have it again. If he really ends up in Apple’s offices or shops, he will suddenly fall into oblivion.

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