Play a successful copy of the classic Pac-Man on iPhones

Borrowing elements from already proven games and embedding them in new game systems is a proven tactic for creating something original. As the saying goes, sometimes the best compliment is theft. Mazeman from the Crescent Moon Games studio flatters the classics of all classics, the Japanese yellow puck Pac-Man. You will never be able to stop in the newly released game.

Just as Pac-Man is constantly moving through simple mazes, and your task is to direct his untamed movement, so the main character in the game Mazeman overcomes the labyrinths in the same way. He is trapped in a huge maze, in which a number of special keys are hidden. If he then manages to find them all, he will successfully be released again. However, in addition to the limitations in movement and the opacity of the labyrinth, long lines of enemies will prevent him from doing so. Unlike yellow nonsense, however, you will not try to eat them.

The main character in the game is no one in particular, you will be able to choose from twenty-four gradually unlocked characters. Each of them has its own unique ability, so it will not be a problem to choose one that exactly suits your playing style. You will then get all this wrapped in a pleasing retro jacket, which, in addition to the aesthetics borrowed from the past, does not spare the uncompromising French nature of its playability. You can download the game from the App Store now, it will cost you 79 crowns.

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