Pokémon Go is thriving in 2020. It has made over a billion dollars since its inception

Some may consider Pokémon Go a phenomenon of years past, or rather one last year. The huge boom that accompanied the release of the game in 2016 after a few months practically disappeared and only a fraction of the huge initial community remained. But loyal players can spend a lot, so Pokémon Go still showed high profits. But few would expect that this year's pandemic of the new coronavirus and the measures associated with it could lead to record sales for the game, which forces its players to go out and look for new rare catches there. The reality, however, is that 2020 is the most successful year for Pokémon Go in its history – users have managed to spend over a billion US dollars in a calendar year.

The key to success was the clever strategy of Niantic developers to deal with the new limitations. They provided players with free items during nationwide lockdowns and found ways to allow them to catch pocket monsters from the comfort of their homes. The game has already been downloaded to its devices by over six hundred million players, who, together with overcoming a billion goals, have placed it in the third place of the most profitable mobile games, just behind PUBG Mobile and Honor of Kings.

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Pokémon are still squirming. In addition to the success on mobile phones, new parts of the classic RPG series, which helped the brand become the most profitable media franchise in history, also regularly arrive. What do you think of Pokémon? Have you been left in the abyss of history for you, or are you still searching the streets of cities and getting upset about failed Pokéballs? Let us know in the discussion below the article.

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