Production of the 16 ”MacBook Pro is underway

This year's 16 ”MacBook Pro performance is not yet lost. This stems from yesterday's news from Apple's online meeting with journalists in New York, as well as fresh supply chain information published by IDC analyst Jitesh Ubrani and Brook Corthers, working with CNET, the New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. According to their information, the production of the new MacBook Pro is running at full speed.

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This year's arrival of the 16 ”MacBook Pro is still in the game, and can arrive this week


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The information from both men is more or less the same. Their resources linked to Apple's supply chain, which are of course independent of each other, told them that the production of a new apple computer in Asian factories is already in full swing. It is interesting to note that the date of the performance is not yet to be decided, or at least in factories in which computers are also stored for some time, do not know. Therefore, it cannot be ruled out that Apple would introduce the novelty to the world this year, more specifically in the coming days. Thanks to this he would be able to hit the Christmas holiday season, which wishes to sell almost everything masterfully from the whole year.


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So if you are going to purchase a new MacBook Pro with a larger than 13 ”display, we recommend waiting a few more weeks. The 16 ”performance seems to be on the verge of falling, and you could enjoy much more than the current 15” models. Indeed, more durable keyboards, higher performance or narrower frames around the display simply delight. It remains to be hoped that this Apple machine will not kill the very high price that many apple marketers are already worried about.

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