Promotion: Samsung Galaxy A52s with €50 extra trade-in for your current phone

If you buy the Samsung Galaxy A52s up to and including this Christmas, you will receive an extra €50 in exchange for your current phone. That amount is on top of what you will get back in any case if you trade in your phone for the A52s. You can read here how it works and where to buy your new phone.

Samsung Galaxy A52s €50 extra trade-in promotion

Galaxy A52s with €50 extra trade-in

Also this December, the Galaxy A52s is and remains the Samsung phone that offers the most value per euro of the price. The large AMOLED screen feels extremely smooth and smooth, thanks to the 120Hz refresh rate. The processor is surprisingly fast, and the cameras and battery life are excellent – ​​see our Galaxy A52(s) review. Moreover, the housing is water resistant, and Samsung's software support can be called downright good these days.

At the release, the Galaxy A52s still had a suggested retail price from € 449, but nowadays the device is a lot cheaper. Not only can you buy it now for less than €400, but you can save an additional €50. Or actually: you can get €50 extra back for your current phone, if you buy a Galaxy A52s now. We now list for you how this works.

How does it work?

Participating in this limited-time promotion is simple:

You can buy your Galaxy A52s during the promotional period from 6 to 26 December at the Samsung Shop HERE.
During the ordering process you can add the Samsung Trade-in option in your shopping cart, and follow the necessary steps later. The €50 extra trade-in value is immediately deducted from your order.
You don't have to do anything other than handling the trade-in (sending your current phone back after you've received your new A52s).
PLEASE NOTE: this promotion only applies to Samsung itself.
We ( cannot answer questions about this trade-in, but you must ask Samsung itself, for example HERE.

Still buy somewhere else?

If you don't want to trade in your current phone, you can of course buy your Galaxy A52s elsewhere. We have listed in which other stores you can buy an official Dutch device:


Samsung Shop (from €398) + now €50 extra trade-in

Coolblue (from €398)

MediaMarkt (from €398 or with subscription)
T-Mobile (from €399 or with subscription)
Vodafone (from €399)

In addition, these are the three best-selling offers for a Galaxy A52s in combination with. a subscription:

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