Public beta (non) testing of macOS Big Sur and watchOS 7: Wrong sign or responsible move?

Public beta testing of Apple's new operating systems is becoming more popular every year, judging at least by the readership of our articles on this topic and the questions that are accumulating on our communication channels regarding public bets. You probably won't be surprised to say that one of the most common in recent days was the availability of the first public bets macOS Big Sur and watchOS 7, which Apple promised to release to WWDC during July. However, he only managed to release the first mentioned beta yesterday, and we are still waiting for a public bet for watchOS 7. However, waiting for the beta of these systems is definitely not something that should bother you.

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Quite often, I come across opinions in my area that do not spare criticism about the long wait for the public bets macOS Big Sur and watchOS 7. Almost everyone wants to try the systems in advance, and the public beta is the most feasible solution, so if we are talking at least about the legislation (you should not install third-party developer accounts, of course). Every extra day of waiting is so logically perceived as Apple's fault and often a bad sign that he is not absolutely able to develop the systems as he would like. Personally, however, I think that the long wait for public beta is not about a bad sign at all, but about Apple's responsibility.


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What are we going to talk about. Although the installation of public betas is recommended especially for experienced users, even ideally for their secondary equipment, even complete greengrocers, who "throw" them on their primary irons, also go into it. In the case of iPhones or iPads, it doesn't matter so much as a result, as downgrading to iOS 13 or iPadOS 13 is not a complicated matter at all, and unless the device behaves unpredictably (which happens minimally), perhaps everyone can handle it according to the instructions on the Internet. However, macOS and watchOS are completely different coffees. Returning to an older macOS is a really complicated matter, which we also have to do with the editorial office, supported by contacts for services and / or other experts, let alone complete greengrocers. In the case of Apple Watch, the situation is even worse, which is why Apple has never released a public beta watchOS. It is only possible to return after installing a new watchOS on an old watchOS with the help of service professionals, which is, of course, a considerable complication that is also demanding on the wallet.

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They personally see Apple's wait for bets as a kind of protection mechanism for its users, because in both macOS and watchOS they simply have to release a beta that is so reliable that it will want to leave a minimum of users or, ideally, none. And since the beta is probably not in such a state, at least in his opinion, you can't install it. However, it is definitely not possible to conclude that the development is failing, because Apple's qualitative criteria are set really high and what might seem like a tolerable risk to many of us simply does not exist for him. That's why you should see the current wait for watchOS 7 and the long wait for macOS Big Sur, which ended only last night, more positively than negatively, although it may sound strange. Apple is very likely to approach it for your own good.

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