QCY T1S review-low price but not cheap?

If you ask me if I know QCY this brand in 2018, my answer would definitely be No. However, in 2019 QCY released many TWS earbuds with really high cost-effect such as QCY T1, QCY T2 and QCY L2. And we just reviewed the newly launched QCY T3. These products made QCY much more famous than before. This time I got a QCY T1S. So folks, let’s check out my QCY T1S review-low price but not cheap?

1. Appearance

QCY T1S review-low price but not cheap?
QCY T1S review-low price but not cheap?

I have reviewed lots of TWS earbuds before, I have to say QCY T1S did not bring me any surprise in its appearance. The quality is within my expectation.

There are some tiny scratches on the charging box of QCY T1S. Not sure if it is due to the workmanship.

The charging box has a magnetic design and the switching experience is very good. But the seams are not flat.

QCY T1S review-low price but not cheap?

The charging port is still Micro USB. This is very common among the TWS earbuds in the similar price range.

2. Experience


When you take the earbuds out of the charging box, the indicators are instantly on. The weight of the earbuds is acceptable. Take the right earbud out of the charging box, my phone can find the Bluetooth signal right away. The pairing process for the first time is fast. After the first pairing process, it will only take 2 seconds for pairing. Basically, it is the action of “take out + wear”, and the headset will automatically connect successfully. The left ear is also the same. There is magnetic assisted positioning when putting the earbuds back to the charging box. This experience is very good!


It’s not very comfortable to wear QCY T3 at first. The strange thing is that I turned 180 degrees and it feels good. This issue seems to never have been mentioned, maybe it is a problem with my ears LOL?
The stethoscope effect is the same as that of a normal in-ear earphone. And you can hear your own breathing. The earmuffs are too tight to wear. I think this can be solved by changing to smaller earmuffs. Of course, this differs for different people.

Sound quality

The sound quality of QCY T1S is normal. High, mid and low frequencies are very balanced. Simply sum up with one sentence: the sound quality of QCY T1S is just so so, but you can live with it.

QCY T1S review-low price but not cheap?
is QCY T1S worth it

I have reviewed Redmi Airdots before. I think QCY T1S has almost the same sound quality with Redmi Airdots. Besides, QCY T1S is also similar to Redmi Airdots in price. So I really can’t tell which is better.

Bluetooth connection

At present, the connection speed of both ears is very good and satisfactory. I listened to music with QCY T1S for 1 hour, and it did not lose any connection. Besides, the Bluetooth connection is relatively strong. Passing the two walls is not a problem. This is the benefit of Bluetooth 5.0 technology. As for the delay, it is around 0.5-1 second. This delay is acceptable for listening to music, but not for watching videos and playing games.

Phone calls

I have tested the phone call quality with my friend by a simple call. But he told me the sound quality is not good. But he could recognize it was me on the phone. Besides, there is no noise canceling. So when you are in a noisy place, it will be hard for you to be heard clearly through phone calls.

3. Summary

I think for the price of QCY T1S, It is quite worth it. But if you compare it to high-level TWS earbuds like Airpods, it still has a long way to chase. In a word, QCY T1S does have a low price, but it is not cheap at all. It has almost all the functions that you will need in your daily life. So I recommend it!

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