Qualcomm: 5G iPhones are now our top priority

The arrival of 5G-enabled iPhones next year is virtually done. This stems from the vast majority of analysts and yesterday's statement from President Qualcomm, whose data modems will be used in the 5G iPhone.

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There are still question marks over the number of 5G-enabled iPhones next year


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At the company's technology summit yesterday, Qualcomm chairman Cristiano Amon has heard that his company is currently the number one priority for completion in collaboration with Apple's first 5G-enabled iPhones, which both companies would like to launch literally "as quickly as possible" ”. However, before September 2020, their premiere is very unlikely given the “introducing” policy of Apple's news.


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Amon said further that Qualcom had a long-term cooperation agreement with Appl, for which both companies are very happy, even if they would have preferred to close it much sooner. The president of Qualcomm openly admitted that the introduction of 5G on iPhones is relatively delayed and that the reunification of the two companies, which had been divided by legal scramble, should have taken place earlier. This is one of the reasons why the current cooperation between companies is very intensive, as both of them are trying to "catch up" the missed time.

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As far as the data modems themselves are concerned, relatively little detail is available about them. According to Amon, however, Qualcomm is at least satisfied with their current version, which believes that Apple will have a truly great device, which should in 5G connection outweigh the competition with other manufacturers' modems. However, it will be time to determine whether these words are fulfilled.

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