Quiz: Do you know Apple's Christmas commercials?

December is here and with it the upcoming holidays. Advent is a time when many companies publish special Christmas commercials, and Apple makes no exception. In our quiz today, you can test your knowledge and recall some of Apple's Christmas commercials.

Do you know Apple's Christmas commercials?

1. One of the legendary Christmas commercials promoted the iPhone 5S and its shooting capabilities. What was the spot's name?

Christmas Story


Christmas Spirit

2. One of Apple's Christmas commercials was filmed in our country as well. The location was revealed, among other things, by a Czech inscription on one of the companies in advertising. What neon lit up in one of the shots?

Pub with a jumping pony

Café by Uncle Miloš

Aunt Ema's patisserie

3. Siri's voice assistant also starred in Apple's 2011 Christmas commercial. Who did she help with the ad?

Santa Claus

The Grinchs


4. In 2016, Apple released a Christmas commercial called Frankie's Holiday, which was partly filmed in one of the Czech cities. Which city was it?




5. Apple often invites celebrities to its ads. This was also the case with the 2015 Christmas commercial. Which well-known singer starred in a spot called Someday at Christmas?

Justin Bieber

Stevie Wonder

BB King

6. What characterized the advertising spot called Share Your Gift from 2018?

Tim Cook played in it

He was animated

It took place in a hospital

7. In what year did Apple release a Christmas commercial called The Magic of Mini?




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