Quiz: Do you know the October Apple Keynotes?

On Monday, we saw this year's October Keynote, at which Apple presented its new MacBook Pro, the new HomePod mini or, for example, the third-generation AirPods wireless headphones. We will follow up on the theme of Monday's event with our today's weekend quiz, which will be held in the spirit of the October Keynotes.

Quiz: How well do you know the October Kenyotes?

1. At the beginning of October 2011, the first media October Keynote took place. What product was presented on it?

iPhone 5

iPhone 4S

iPad first generation

2. Do you remember which October Keynote Apple said that Mac OS X Mavericks will be available for free?

October Keynote 2012

October Keynote 2014

October Keynote 2013

3. In October of which year did Apple introduce its iPad Air 2?




4. What was the subtitle of the October Keynote, which took place in 2016?

It's Showtime

Hello Again

Round and Round

The October 5 Keynote took place in 2018 at a different location than Apple Park. Which was it?

Headquarters of the American Ballet Theater

The Metropolitan Opera of New York

Brooklyn Academy of Music

6. What was the subtitle of the October Keynote that Apple hosted last year?

Bye, Virus

Hi, Speed

Hello, Sound

7. We will stay with last October's Keynote for a while. Apart from the new iPhones, what new product has Apple introduced here?

HomePod mini

iMac Pro

iPad Pro

8. Which computers did Apple introduce at its October Keynote in 2018?

MacBook Pro and Mac Pro

MacBook Air and Mac Mini

iMac Pro and MacBook

9. For some time now, users have been able to use the native TV application on their devices. In October of which year was this application introduced? Don't get caught – it's about the application, not the  TV + service.




10. What subtitle did Keynote carry in October 2014?

Nice to see you again

It's been way too long

Prepare for the unexpected

Evaluate the quiz

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