Realme 125W Smart Flash Charging Technology officially Released

Realme officially released Realme 125W smart flash charging technology. With the improvement of the screen and performance of smartphones, “battery life” has become a problem that plagues users and mobile phone manufacturers. At the moment when battery technology has not been further improved, a substantial increase in the charging speed is the best solution to the battery life problem of 5G smartphones.

In order to allow users to “recover power quickly” in the shortest time, realme focuses on optimizing the “3-minute flash charge”. With 125W smart flash charging, a 4000mAh 5G smartphone can be charged to 1/3 of the battery in 3 minutes. Electricity, it only takes the time of a song, the electric quantity can be restored quickly, and the complete charging time is only 20 minutes.

Taking into account the user’s actual use scenarios and experience, realme does not pursue the ultimate charging speed over the entire process, but achieves the best balance between speed and temperature. The 125W smart flash charge uses a new parallel three charge pump fast-charge technology, three-pronged approach, decentralized step-down, maximized charging efficiency and achieved a 98% ultra-high conversion.

The 125W smart flash charging adopts extremely strict temperature control standards throughout the entire process, and through innovative structural design and composite heat dissipation materials, it avoids the generation of a single heat source and can quickly export heat. It is equipped with the industry’s first dual 6C high-rate batteries and passes the new The multi-electrode battery structure effectively reduces the impedance and heat generation of the battery cell. The average flash charge temperature during the whole process does not exceed 40 degrees Celsius. Without strict temperature control, charging can be completed in as little as 13 minutes.

It is understood that the realme’s 125W smart flash charging is not only compatible with all-flash charging protocols released by realme, but also supports up to 65W PD protocol and 36W QC protocol. One adapter can meet the fast charging needs of multiple devices. Xu Qi, vice president of realme, said: “We will mass-produce 5G smartphones equipped with 125W smart flash charging technology as soon as possible so that consumers can experience this innovative charging technology as soon as possible.

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In addition, realme adheres to its brand concept of “dare to leapfrog”, and also released a new SuperDart ultra-thin charger, with a total of 50W and 65W versions, and supports multiple industry common protocols. In the coming August, realme will bring a new series of 5G flash charging mobile phones, and gradually decentralize the world’s leading smartphone charging technology to products in more price ranges, bringing young users a 5G experience with uninterrupted power consumption

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