Realme UI: the company's official new interface

Realme has long announced that it will move forward with a new version of its parent Oppo Color for mobile, with the aim of first acquiring its own identity and secondly acquiring more sophisticated software for the West. Although there was some controversy over the name, the new version that first entered the Realme X50 5G debuted as a Realme UI yesterday.

Of course it's based on ColorOS 7 (and Android 10) with a simplified design and some new and improved features. The Seamless Fun logo brings many visual effects – system colors, icons, wallpapers and animations are new. According to Realme, the interface has "an authentic color scheme, bringing a sense of vitality that could make users feel younger."

Holders will be able to design the icons and make them round and customize their transparency. Their size can also be as personalized as the image in the icon. This couldn't have happened without new wallpapers so Realme went ahead and developed 11 new wallpapers. They are "inspired by natural elements" and there is always a sample for each color combination. The animations have also been improved and are now "super cool" according to the company.

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Performance and new features

Of course, the new interface is not only appearance, but performance. The Realme UI is based on Android 10 and offers power saving features as well as some "trendy functions". One function is to connect two headsets – one with a cable and one with bluetooth. They both listen to the same music on the mobile but the calls go to the wireless headphones. There is a Screen-Off Display as the company calls the presentation of information on the closed AMOLED display. What we do not know is how many plans the company will bring into operation.

The company has given Universal Dark Mode and we look forward to seeing if it will upgrade to another feature. Animated Wallpapers have also been given and a wider range is expected there. There's also a "Focus Mode" that keeps you isolated from the outside world while the system plays some relaxing music to help you concentrate. Finally there is the Smart Sidebar which is a bar to use when holding the phone to the side.

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Realme is proud of its Personal Information Protection feature that allows the system to provide blank pages of information when applications request access to your personal information, including your call history, contacts, messages or timing. This will keep your data secure without limiting the utility of the applications.


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Realme has set a timetable for developing a stable work environment. It looks to be in line with the timetable announced at the end of 2019. We also hope that future Realme devices will be sold with the Realme UI and Android 10.


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