Redmi 10X also aims at gaming: a partnership with Tencent has been announced

redmi 10x

Redmi X Tencent: announced a partnership for Redmi 10X

redmi 10x

Today comes the umpteenth novelty – pending the event of May 26th – but this time to announce it is Tencent Games. The Chinese gaming giant – with its hands in the dough practically everywhere – has announced a partnership with its compatriot, precisely on the new Redmi 10X.

The nature of this collaboration has not yet been revealed, despite the presence of some references to Tencent games. Likely that the two realities have come together to propose software innovations and improvements (related to gaming) or maybe a Special Edition will arrive. What is certain is that Redmi 10X will have a soul also devoted to gaming, although it does not arrive with dedicated features (such as backbones) and an aggressive look in the Nubia Play 5G style.

As usual in these cases, we will only have to wait until the smartphone debuts but we are sure that there will be other news until the fateful day.

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