Redmi AirDots Review-Enemy Of Xiaomi Airdots?

Bluetooth technology develops really fast these years. So true wireless Bluetooth earphones have come true. And the mobile phone is gradually canceling the 3.5mm headphone jack. It pushes the popularity of Bluetooth earphones a lot. The future will definitely be the wireless era. After getting rid of the wires between the earphone and the mobile phone, what kind of experience can the true wireless Bluetooth earphone bring to us? The main character Redmi AirDots true wireless Bluetooth earphone may give you the answer you want!

Tips Before Use

Before you use Redmi AirDots true wireless Bluetooth headset, if you are not familiar with the functions of button operation, indicator light, wearing method, initialization, etc., be sure to read the manual carefully. The following main contents are mainly for the experience. The general description will not be repeated.


True wireless headphones, as the name implies, are designed to let the line between the headphones and the mobile phone go. And you can enjoy much more free listening. Redmi AirDots true wireless Bluetooth headset is equipped with a black storage box. It makes it easy to carry and store.

Redmi AirDots wireless Bluetooth headset has a multifunctional storage box. It can store headphones. It can also charge the headphones. As long as the storage box is charged, the headset will be charged if you put it in the box. The storage box is like a home to the headphones.

The Redmi AirDots true wireless Bluetooth headset is only available in black. The entire headset fits the human ear well. Each headphone unit is provided with indicator lights, multi-function buttons, charging contacts and microphones. The left and right signs are next to the charging dots. The headphone body and the plugs are seamlessly connected. The earphone and the storage box case are pro- skin texture. They feel really comfortable.

Use Experience

For the first time, you need to pair it with your mobile phone by Bluetooth. Take out two Redmi AirDots wireless Bluetooth headsets. Then the white light blinks and it boots automatically. Then turn on the Bluetooth of your phone, refresh the list, find the “Redmi AirDots_R” and click to compare. The whole process is very simple. You do not need to pair the left earphone. It is automatically connected. If you need to reset the headset to connect other devices. Just unpair it directly on the phone. Or you can long-press the multifunction button to make a physical reset.

When you don’t need to use the headset, put two Redmi AirDots true wireless Bluetooth headsets back into the storage box. After the headset is back into the storage box, the headset lights up red and automatically disconnects the Bluetooth connection and charges. When you need to use it again, you only need to fetch the headset. If you turn on the paired device Bluetooth, it will automatically connect in seconds.


Redmi Airdots support automatic reconnection and automatic disconnection. It does reduce the user’s operating difficulty. But what really makes the user comfortable is the lightweight. It is only 4.1g. And it makes long-term wear very comfortable. And Redmi AirDots true wireless Bluetooth headset is also equipped with S, M, L three models earplugs. It allows users to experience music without barriers. Even when you run, it will not slip. And it has IPX4 waterproof, which allows users to use under any conditions.


The Redmi AirDots true wireless Bluetooth headset has battery life. The capacity of the headset is 40mAh. The charging box is 300mAh. After the test, with the charging box, is fully charged, the Redmi AirDots can be continuously charged 3 times. When charging, the indicator light is red. The contact isolation film should be torn off before charging.

The output voltage of the headphone charging box is 5V=150mA. Official Xiaomi claims that the headphone needs 1.5H to be fully charged. Box only uses 74 minutes to charge the headphones, which is faster than the official data. We also measured the charging speed to charge the box. We used mobile phone plug + USB data cable. It takes 1 hour and 44 minutes to fully charge. It is also faster than the official data. And Redmi AirDots supports the charging of the box and the earphone at the same time. When the earphone and the box are charged at the same time, the charging takes longer.

Redmi AirDots true wireless Bluetooth headset battery is 40mAh. When fully charged, it can play nearly 3 hours and 56 minutes of music under 53% volume. The test is near to the official data for 4 hours. Under 80% volume, it can play 3.5 hours of music. If the headset + charging box is fully charged, the total battery life is more than 14 hours. It is much more than the official data for 12 hours. The battery life is directly related to the volume.

Bluetooth Connection

As we all know, wireless headsets use Bluetooth for data transmission. Currently, most Bluetooth headsets use Bluetooth version 4.2. But Redmi AirDots wireless Bluetooth headsets use the latest Bluetooth 5.0. Compared with Bluetooth 4.2, Bluetooth 5.0 has 2 times transmission speed. It can reduce 2.4GHz interference and it needs less power.

Through our test, Redmi AirDots equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 can play the longest distance of 42 meters. With Bluetooth 5.0 technology, users can get a wider range of listening space.

Sound Quality

For users, the most important thing about headphones is sound quality. The Redmi AirDots true wireless Bluetooth headset is equipped with a 7.2mm dynamic drive unit. It also has DSP intelligent noise canceling function. The sound quality is quite good when we are making calls.


Overall, the Redmi AirDots wireless Bluetooth headset has five main features. The first is the perfect combination of the storage box and the charging base. The second is 4.1g ultra-light. The third is the long use distance by Bluetooth 5.0. The fourth is a super long battery life of more than 14 hours. And the fifth is the multi-function button. Of course, Redmi AirDots true wireless Bluetooth headset also has cons. It does not support the simultaneous connection of two mobile phones.

Differences between Redmi Airdots and Xiaomi Airdots

We have tested Xiaomi Airdots before. You can check here. After all, Xiaomi Airdots are much more expensive. But it seems Redmi has a better cost-effect.

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