"Redmi TV will be the first in China" and Xiaomi will be dissing

"Redmi TV will be the first in China" and Xiaomi will be dissing
A few days separate us from the launch of Redmi Note 8 , date on which the debut of Redmi will also take place TV . A new competitor in the field of smart TV that will challenge not only Honor and OnePlus but also the same Xiaomi . It seems almost paradoxical, given that Redmi is a sub-brand of Xiaomi itself, but you know, the competition does not look at anyone. READ ALSO : Xiaomi IndelB Car Refrigerator is ideal for summer in the car CEO Lu Weibing aims at mom Xiaomi for the success of Redmi TV According to data reported by Aowei.com , during first half of 2019 about were sent 5.4 million of units of Xiaomi Mi TV . A rather considerable result, given that we are facing an annual YoY growth of as much as 64.9%. At present the smart TV market is dominated by Xiaomi both in China and especially in India, where it has been for several consecutive months. And it is in this context that the declarations of Lu Weibing, CEO of Redmi, that the Redmi TV will be the most sold in China are inserted. This is not really an attack on mother Xiaomi, but it is certain that, if Xiaomi is in first place, the clash will be inevitable. Who will come out as a winner, however, is still to be discovered, given that we still don’t know much about Redmi TV. What is certain is that there will be at least one version from 70 ″ and that should integrate a camera in the lower frame.
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Source: https://gizchina.it/2019/08/redmi-tv-successo-xiaomi-tv/
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