Return of SD card reader and HDMI port to MacBook Pro confirmed by another source

Replacing virtually all physical ports except the 3.5mm jack with USB-C ports on MacBooks is still considered one of the most controversial decisions in its history. There probably wouldn't be anything so serious about it, if users had already adopted it as their own and only USB-C ports wouldn't mind them on Macs. However, that did not happen, which has led him to reconsider his earlier decision, now five years after removing ports from MacBook Pros.

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It's only been a few weeks since Bloomberg, a leading technology reporter from Bloomberg, who boasts a number of very reliable sources, told the world that the new generation of MacBook Pros envisages the use of an SD card reader and most likely an HDMI port. These two ports were subsequently confirmed tonight by a very precise analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, according to whom, however, the return is planned only for some model lines – probably the higher ones. In addition, it is possible that only larger MacBooks will receive ports, which will make Apple try to increase their attractiveness and thus their marketability. As for the unveiling of the news, according to Ku, it will take place later this year – perhaps only in the autumn.

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In addition to the new ports, this year's generation of MacBook Pros will also see the deployment of Apple Silicon chips, probably the M1X with higher graphics performance than the M1. Furthermore, a redesign of their design is planned, which should be closer to the iPhones 12 or iPads Pro of the last generations. Apple should therefore rely more on sharp edges on MacBooks and remove all unnecessary rounding that it currently uses, for example, on the underside of them. However, it is unclear at this point whether it will sell news alongside Intel-based models or decide to replace them entirely.

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