Review of Apple Pencil 2nd Generation: A great helper who misses little to perfection

It has been one and a half years since Apple Pencil's 2nd generation has been performed, and even four years since the first generation. Still, she found her way to me lately, along with iPad Pro. I bought the iPad itself about six months ago and I have to admit that I had basically only the first generation iPad and then iPad mini. Neither of them really impressed me, and after a few weeks they both ended up as a totally unnecessary bedside device. On the other hand, I don't even know why I enjoyed the iPad Pro for me and even today after more than half a year I take it into my hand practically every day. Of course I will not lie – I am not a user who can use it at 100 and probably not even fifty percent, but I just enjoy it, and that is the main thing for me.

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About a month ago I bought a second generation Apple Pencil. The goal was to write down some notes in the notes, sometimes to highlight something in the text, and I was just wondering what Apple pencil can do and how it can be used when you're not just a digital painter or other artist. So the primary task of Pencil in my life is clear, the secondary one is to help edit the videos on the iMovie timeline and edit some photos here and there. After a month of use, I think it's the perfect time to evaluate the Apple Pencil from the perspective of an ordinary user who doesn't need it, but just longed for it.

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The most important thing Apple created is the body itself. Apple Pencil is simply a pencil in the best sense of the word. It is equally wide, equally long, and equally well held. Apple did not go upstream and began to teach people to write with something that was uncomfortable for them, but simply took the electronics he needed and put it in a shape that resembles a pencil one to one. This is the most important thing Apple Pencil has to offer. Whether you last used pencil and crayons on the elementary, or you're a person who writes dozens of lines a day, you don't have to get used to anything. Everything is incredibly natural, and even your three-year-old can paint a picture on iPad as much as on paper.

The iPad Pro has an incredible advantage over cheaper iPads on the market, and the display screen itself literally touches the tip of the pencil. Of course, the iPad Pro has thin cover glass, but it's so thin that you practically do not perceive it, and when you write or draw it really feels like you are writing on real paper. The only thing that bothers me a little when writing or painting is the fact that you just stab the tip of the display and although I know that Pencil is designed to drive the display, I still feel that I can easily scratch the screen, the opposite but it is true, and it is simply about feeling. Apple Pencil recognizes tilt and pressure. Just press and draw a thicker line or wider, depending on the virtual tool you are using. If you want to draw or shade something, just tilt the Apple Pencil just like a crayon, and you can start coloring and shading just like a real crayon.

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The pencil is primarily intended for writing and painting, but you can also use it for text highlighting or some more detailed marking of things and so on. However, the primary use is within native applications in the notes application where you can either type or paint. Of course there are hundreds of apps in the App Store that are made to paint with Apple Pencil directly. However, Apple Pencil works across iOS, and you can do just about anything with the few limitations we'll look at below. It is great for precise work with tracks within iMovie or Garageband and so on.

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Charging itself is done by snapping the pencil magnetically to the right side of the iPad Pro side and the pencil is attached to the body and you do not have to find it anywhere in the backpack, but most of all it immediately starts charging. As soon as you connect the pencil, you have an overview of its battery in iOS, as is the case with AirPods, and of course you have the pencil in the system settings, where you can name it and set the function to trigger the tap on its body. You can set either auto switch to eraser or last used tool, or turn off this feature altogether. The pencil charges every time you connect it to your iPad with a magnet, and you can't turn off the charge in any way. Of course, it uses the battery power of the iPad itself to charge it. Unfortunately, charging on the wireless charger does not work, so you can always charge it only through iPad Pro.


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Basically, the second generation Apple Pencil has no chance of discharging, and even if you are able to discharge the pencil from 100% to 85% in an hour of active use, for example, you can work with it for at least six hours at a time. But the joke is that five hours at a time, none of us seem to be able to paint or write without a break, and even if you go to the toilet during that time, you just put the pencil to the edge of your iPad and she immediately and very quickly charging. I can't imagine anyone who really could discharge it and could complain about battery life. There is no such person in my opinion. The pencil is charging really fast and even 10 minutes of connecting to the iPad is enough for at least an hour of work.

After a lot of positives, however, also found the negatives, which on the otherwise great product a little bored. All the complaints relate essentially to just one area of ​​use of Apple Pencil outside of writing or painting. I would like to emphasize in advance that I am fully aware of how Pencil is conceived of the difference between Stylus and Pencil. On the other hand, when it is possible to use this pencil from Apple on the entire iOS system, I do not understand why Apple was not able to perfect its use in iOS even 4 years after the original model was launched on the market. There is really little missing and you do not have to let go of your Apple Pencil.

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The first is the impossibility of tapping the body of a pencil elsewhere than writing or painting. After all, if a pencil is already designed to be used throughout the system, it would be a good idea to do so. With Apple Pencil, you cannot invoke the bottom bar, nor can you close the application or switch it. I could forgive all this without any problems and you can always use your fingers for a moment. However, what bothers me is that the pencil cannot be used even when working in a single document, or 100% application. For example, while you mark the text, you can copy it again with your fingers. If Apple Pencil already has a double-click sensor, why can't double-tap work like text copying and so on. In short, although I understand the main purpose of Apple Pencil, I do not mind using it for everything I need, and when I have it in my hand, I have to constantly change the use of pencil and fingers to work.

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Jaromír Miko Feb 5, 2016 15

What to conclude? If you want to paint and write notes at least from time to time, then Apple Pencil is definitely a great help to make your life easier. But when you want to use it instead of the stylus, you need to realize that neither iOS nor Apple Pencil is designed for this. When painting, you will especially appreciate the perfect response and overall accuracy that the pencil has. Everything reminds of classic writing or painting on real paper. Both size and shape, and especially the precision and feel that Apple Pencil gives you when painting or writing, is incredibly realistic. Because the display itself is just below the ultra-thin protective glass, writing makes an incredible impression that everyone will try. So if you, like me, have never known anything other than the PDA stylus of 1,2,3, then believe that what Apple Pencil brings is a completely different experience that you will damn like it!

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