Review of Form Smart Swim: the best gadget for swimmers since the invention of the swimsuit!

I remember getting up at 4 in the morning ten years ago to see Michael Phelps win one medal after another at the Sydney Olympics. I didn't adore anyone more at that time than Phelps, thanks to whom I became generally interested in swimming. In order to be able to return to him even after years, we were looking for some motivation, that is, of course, in addition to getting in shape. For a long time, I watched Form Smart Swim, the world's first intelligent swimming goggles with a display. When we were lying on the beach this summer, I thought I could really start. At home, a package was waiting for me, the contents of which I literally fell in love with and brought me to swim again. Come and see if you might like this feature.

Just a first look at the Form box itself will give you a clear picture that this is not a startup company that sends out beta versions of its products, but on the contrary a serious matter, which I would compare to GoPro, for example. The packaging itself is very nicely done and the first thing you will see after unpacking is a high-quality neoprene case with holes for ventilation, in which the glasses themselves are stored. You don't have to worry about where to wear them so they don't get damaged or stale. Form solved it for you. In addition to the glasses themselves, you will also find seven bridges over the nose in the package, so that you can choose the one that will suit you best. Even the most expensive glasses from Speed ​​and similar brands I've ever had, while in the package it offers three bridges as standard. You don't have to worry that your glasses won't fit.

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Thanks to the number of bridges and a pair of silicone cords, you can adjust them to perfection. The package also includes a small sealed bag, in which you will find a Form mounting clip, which is used to attach the Polar 0H1 sensor, with which you can measure your heart rate. The sensor is sold separately for about two thousand crowns and you can attach it to the silicone cord of the glasses using a special clip. If you want to monitor your heart rate, then this is the ideal way – that is, if you do not use some smartwatch that can do it. Of course, the package also includes instructions and other documents, which you will find carefully arranged in the box.

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The goggles themselves are slightly larger than the racing Speedo, but they are still classic swimming goggles with the only difference, and that is the electronic part attached to one of the lenses. I intentionally write to one, because of course you can choose whether the display will be on your right or left eye. The goggles work just like any other goggles for swimmers. Thanks to the bridges and a pair of silicone cords, you can adjust them exactly to your face and then just exhale and drag the glasses to your eyes. Everything is of course waterproof and you can swim as you please and diving to a depth of about 2 meters is also no problem. The goggles can withstand both the classic water in the pool and the salt sea water, but you have to wash them with clean water after each swim so that the salt does not eat the rubber parts. The glasses have UV protection and are slightly darkened.

As far as battery life is concerned, the manufacturer states 8 hours and I can confirm this value. After a 40-minute swim, I still have more than 90% battery life left. The goggles do not lose capacity even when they are switched off, so if you go swimming on Thursdays and then only on Mondays, you do not have to worry about any significant discharge of the battery just by the watch lying in the case. Charging then takes place via a special connector, which is part of the package. If you go swimming for an hour three times a week, then you will only need to charge your goggles twice a month.

The glasses setting itself works similarly to the Apple Watch. You can set some functions, such as the brightness or orientation of the display (you can have the display on both the right and left eyes) directly on the glasses, and then set other more advanced functions in the application on the iPhone. Thanks to this, you can perfectly adjust the glasses and set what everything, and especially when, they should show you. During the turn, you can see the time of the elapsed pool, the past half of the pool, the number of calories in total, the number of calories for the last pool or anything you can think of. Once you've completed the turn, you'll see the information you want to see all the time, such as the distance and time you've been sailing overall. Of course, you can customize everything, so you have the opportunity to monitor, for example, the time of the current pool and, conversely, look at how you are doing overall. So it's up to you which data is important to you and when you want to view it.

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As for the display and control of the glasses, everything is very easy and a pair of buttons are used to control and confirm the menu options. You have the option to set the mode in which you want to swim, start swimming itself or pause it, and so on. Once you reach the pool, just hold down one button to turn on the goggles, choose the mode in which you will swim. Once you've finished swimming, you can save your performance and data to your glasses and then transfer the data to the app on your phone the next time you sync with your iPhone. Even directly on the glasses, you can adjust, for example, the brightness of the display, choose the length of the pool and make all the basic settings to swim as best you can. The display is very bright and you can adjust it to suit the conditions you have in your pool or in the open water somewhere in nature. You can see information about your performance both underwater and the moment you emerge.

The goggles can measure data in the pool and in open water. In the pool, you choose the length of the pool and then the goggles take care of everything yourself, they can detect the turns at the ends of each swimming pool, the number of tempos you made, the length of each temp and the time for each length of pool, as well as total time. Distance measurement is a matter of course. Thanks to measuring the length of the tempo and the speed of the individual lengths of the pool, you have the opportunity to improve not only the speed and endurance, but also the technique. In open water, it is then necessary to have a Garmin or Apple Watch with GPS on your wrist, which is used to measure the distance you swim into the Form application. The glasses themselves are not equipped with a GPS sensor. However, they work fully with the above watch and can draw not only distance data, but also information about your heart rate or blood oxygenation, and this data is synchronized in real time so that you know at what time of training you had what heart rate or oxygenation. . Of course, you will also learn the number of calories burned and other information about your workout.

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Once you've finished your training or series, just connect your glasses to the Form app on your iOS or Android device, where all your data will be downloaded automatically. The application itself is divided into three parts. In the first, called FEED, you will find basically a small social network where you can find your friends and watch their performance. Find out when they were swimming and what results they achieved. Of course, you can like or comment on their performance. In the second part of the application, you can see the synchronization with the glasses, where you can set what information to display, find out their current battery status, connect them to the Garmin smart watch, Apple Watch and Polar OH1 sensor, or update their firmware.

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The third tab will then interest you the most. You will find in it all the information about every second you spent in the water. You have daily, weekly and annual statistics at your disposal. You can see the total time in the water, the total number of swimming meters and other interesting statistics. You also have the option to select individual workouts and watch them in great detail. You have the time of each pool you swam, the number of temp per minute, the length of the temp, the length of the best tempo, the number of calories burned and for performance lovers also the so-called SWOLF score. To make matters worse, you can export all your data and send it to your email in .FIT and .CSV formats, which are the two most commonly used formats for the vast majority of sports applications. You can share the data, for example, in Diet and similar applications.

The only thing I miss about the app is some of the motivation he was able to do more than ten years ago, such as the Nike + iPod. In short, no matter what you do, neither the glasses nor the app will praise you, they will not show you your greatest successes and you are still dependent on you to look for your best times yourself between individual trainings and simply say to yourself: “Damn I did it today. “. It is a pity that the glasses or applications cannot do this on their own, and when you go to the locker room and attach the glasses to the application, you will not immediately know that today you had the longest tempos, fastest time, swam more than last time or something similar that encourages and motivates you.

The only problem you may encounter with Forms is their price. The price itself, which is presented on the web, will probably seem very high to the vast majority of people, but it does not end there. While you will find the price of $ 199 and € 170, respectively, on the official website, you must also add postage to this price, which is $ 26. In addition, for some incomprehensible reason, instead of $ 199, you will run out of $ 202.46, plus $ 26 postage. Unfortunately, the glasses are shipped from the USA, which means customs clearance, which I had DHL dealt with, so I had to pay a fee for DHL, CLO and VAT, which was a total of another € 70. So the glasses will cost you a total of about eight thousand crowns, which is an amount that can be what discourages many people from buying. So if you see glasses somewhere on eBay or on the European e-shop, definitely do not hesitate and buy them here to avoid a payment similar to the one I experienced.

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Form is for me the best I've discovered in gadgets since AirPods. This is an absolutely amazing gadget, thanks to which you will enjoy swimming even on days when you just do not want to go into the water and you can not get enough to get out of the house and head to the pool. Personally, I appreciate the fact that the glasses are really at the level of the best models from Speeda and other brands in terms of their management and comfort. So it is not a product that would be exceptional only in what it can do, but otherwise it could not compete with the well-established solution, but on the contrary. If you don't mind sacrificing an extra crown and you want to enjoy swimming not only physically but also technologically, this is the best thing you can invest in! You can purchase FORM Smart Swim Goggles directly at

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